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Why Sapphire

Sapphire offers Occupational Health and safety product lifecycle services leading organizations across the world to provide large-scale Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental risk management and compliance software solutions. We provide the right software services with the right mix of people, processes, tools and technologies. Sapphire has the skills, experience and expertise to deliver the best results. Help our customers leverage IT tools to realize business advantages Develop applications with a focus on the end-customer's requirements Approach to building long term relationship with our clients. Our customer engagements in multiple domains Institutionalized what it takes to build great applications, by bringing together Principles, Practices, People and Platforms. Experience of implementing products for leading firms of industry. Respond promptly and flexibly to any customization or additions during the course of implementation.

Key reasons clients choose us above other providers include :

Exclusive focus on a single, class-leading solution
Rapid ROI – everything we do is based on delivering value. OccuCare’s advanced functionality reduces organizational risk and streamlines operations
Product – Occucare is scalable, easy to use and fully configured to fit your established business processes
People – your solution will be delivered by a team of industry and technical specialists who are passionate about what they do.
Process – we deliver solutions using a well defined, proven implementation methodology, which is based on understanding your established processes, then configuring a tailored solution. We are continually improving our project management methodology.