Case study of Adani Power


Company Profile

Adani Group is a diversified organisation in India. It has created a world class transport and utility infrastructure portfolio that has a pan-India presence. Adani Group is headquartered in Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, India. Over the years, Adani Group has positioned itself to be the market leader in its transport logistics and energy utility portfolio businesses focusing on large scale infrastructure development in India with O & M practices benchmarked to global standards. With four IG rated businesses, it is the only Infrastructure Investment Grade issuer in India.

Business Situation

Client wanted to implement soft data solution for his health services across India. The Company is biggest private player in power generation and transmission and has power plant at multiple locations it is a big challenge to provide uniform preventive and curative health services along with legal compliances. Client needed a flexible solution that meets their business needs and the compliances with better visibility.



The major challenges were to :

  • Identify a robust health care management system to fulfill their requirements.
  • Customize their needs as per their location, job hazards and related compliances.
  • Create processes, procedures, systems based on the Client's required workflow, with an overall agenda to improve the health services.
  • Improve data sharing between the various locations and head office to standardize uniform operative procedure.
  • Implement mechanism for continuous process improvement.
  • Integrate Client's existing system-SAP
  • Create customized reports in SQL .
  • Data analysis and uniform report formation

Technical Solution

After evaluating and studying customer's requirement sapphire team has prepare a plan to develop their requirements in phase wise manner. They have their plant at Mundra (Gujarat), Tiroda (Maharashtra) and Kawai (Rajasthan). They focused Mundra only as it was in project and operational phase. Apart from day to day outdoor patient there was a huge in and out flow of workers daily. They prepare changes in software to import such workflow in a matter of time to upload in system. The programming has active and inactive feature which control the overall flow of workers Accident was a big concern and to analysis, control and find out remedial solution was a big issue for safety department. Incident log is the key feature by which intimation, classification, report generation are create in couple of minutes. Even follow up reports are also prepared.


First aid training and maintenance of first aid boxes are also mandatory as per factory and BOCW act. The fulfilment of requirement and report generation has been done by some additional changes. As per act (both factory and BOCW) it is necessary to have pre employment and periodic medical examination as per job hazard and age. Apart from that the data is to be maintaining in chronological order till his retirement. Apart from that the prescribed form for all to be preserved as per act. The whole procedure is time consuming and there is huge consumption of papers. To run OPD, to prepare MIS, to generate reports in a hard form is totally abolished by making /planning paperless set up. It has created a great impact on time and material consumption. The same approach has been established at different centre and all locations are integrated with admin at HEAD OFFICE.