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Diagnostic Intervention

Occucare’s Diagnostic Intervention module provides occupational health professionals with the ability to assign clinical test, and track record of all employees’ clinical tests results. Though Occucare provides default clinical test setups, our diagnostic module gives you freedom of creating new clinical test as well change limits of existing clinical test data. It helps lab technician to update test results from test listing.
Furthermore our Powerful data import facilities directly upload all laboratory test result to individual’s profile simultaneously for all employees within few seconds.
Along with simplified data entry and management Occucare’s diagnostic modules also keeps you aware with cost spend on clinical services by service cost functionality.This suit both for in house and outsource service provider.
Occucare’s Unique Paperless reporting facility generates quick and accurate report important and ensures that right information is delivered to the right people at the right time. Our powerful Service Cost analysis report provide in detail information about total cost spend on clinical test and material/chemical consumed for caring out clinical test which best suits for in house clinical service provider.

Value Added Features and Benefits :

OccuCare Import facility directly upload data from excel file in just few seconds
OccuCare Simplified data entry saves time and improves accuracy
OccuCare Track data relating to cost spend on clinical services
OccuCare Keeps record of material/chemical consumed for caring out clinical test
OccuCare Securely protects against unauthorized access to data
OccuCare Allow to create new clinical test if needed