EHS Management

What is an EHS Management System ?

EHS management refers to the implementation of procedures focused on ensuring and improving the safety of workers and their surroundings. These processes play a significant role in achieving and maintaining the overall environmental goals of the organization. Moreover The goal of an EHS management system is to protect workers from job-related injuries and illnesses, chemical and biological hazards in the workplace as well as improving training and communications that clearly explain the company objectives for promoting a safe and healthy work.


EHS management software system may facilitate within the growth of the organization in terms of health , safety and workers personal information.

● In Aerospace and defence industry its mandatory to go through the health check-up and examination for the employee to know the fitness for the employees as it is very crucial data needed to be managed.

● Defence and Aerospace industry is very vast and have greater number of employee count so it’s more hectic to manage the larger number of health data.

● Since doctors of OHS or MNC have to generate reports manually it takes a long time to do so and because of this the time consuming and never being able to complete their work on time.

● Provide various reports to employee, supervisor, safety and HR data who are working in the Defence and Aerospace.

● More demand of occupational health and safety related services. Occupational health professionals have to record employee health data, maintain their mandatory screening, manage workplace injuries / illnesses, clinic visits, referrals, wellness programs, cost analysis and optimization for health related services.

● Need for specific reports as per the compliance corresponding to the requirements.

● It’s not easy task to generate the reports manually every time.

● In Aerospace and defence sector managing the bio-medical waste must be managed to control the waste in proper manner

● In Defence and Aerospace industry body and eye test check up is necessary for doing work easily.


Occupational Health and safety software could help organization being efficient enough to keep a healthy surroundings.

● Understanding of all these topics can be given with the help of workspace health application by which employees and their head can manage health data easily with the help of Health and Safety Software being designed for Defence and Aerospace industry.

● With the use of Workplace health app Occucare Can manage employees health data through medical surveillance, Clinical Visits (OPD), Incident Management, Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA), Permit Management, and many more with the help of Employee.

● With the help of Safety & wellness software for Aerospace and Defence Industry as in Occucare medical, health and personal data of employees can be managed Digitally.

● To keep track of all kind of wastes being generated or gathered from manufacturers side and doctor side can be manage through BIO-MEDICAL WASTE module designed in Occucare and Occupational Health Management Software for Aerospace and defence industry.

● With the use of Health & wellness survey we can create and generate the survey for Defence and Aerospace industry and from that user can Analysis the total no of count from the indicator and total no of employee has completed and given survey with it’s percentage risk.

● For employee health management software for Defence and Aerospace With the recent COVID virus how many employee’s of Aerospace and Defence has taken vaccination we can keep track on that from the vaccination module with it’s status and log of pending and completed.

Health and Safety Software Modules

Occcucare provides numereous modules which overcome the challenges faced in the Automotive Industries.

● HR Module

We can manage the employees data with the help of HR module in Occucare software.

● Examination

Allows the doctors to do medical examination of employee’s annually or half-yearly with eight different types, and can maintain health data, can generate health index, health cards of respective employees and can manage data in bulk as well.


User can also do employee OPD for the employees for regular checkup working in defence & aerospace to assure it’s fitness history also for their dependents.

● Asset

Admin can manage data for the companies assets for e.g. Machines, devices used on duty can be manageable through their audit and inspection details as well.

● Reports

User or doctor can generate digital reports as per the requirement in Defence and Aerospace industry and also issue fitness certificate which can be viewed in mobile app too. Analyse and Generate report from collected data.

● Vaccination

From this module we can check the status of done vaccination employees and it’s completed and pending status easily and can check it’s taken date from the vaccination log.