EHS Management

What is an EHS Management System ?

EHS Management (Environment, Health Associate in Nursingd Safety) may be a crucial side of an enterprise's operations. It not solely helps minimize the impact on the atmosphere and improve employee safety and well-being however can also improve worker retention, productivity, and enhance the whole image of the corporate goad client and company growth.


EHS management software system may facilitate within the growth of the organization in terms of health , safety and workers personal information.

● Manufacturing Industry comprises companies that manufacture products as per client’s requirement and customization as well because of which employees suffer from hazardous processes.

● Sometimes workers have to complete the product manufacturing under time pressure with the same quality and a huge quantity and due to that they suffer ill time management and to manage health via Health Software for Manufacturing Industry.

● To manage health and personal data of employee working in an maufacturing industry and area, company requires different-different softwares to comply to held all data at single place which can be done if companies start looking and apply regulations of health and safety via Safety Software for Manufacturing Industry.

● Since doctors of OHS or MNC have to generate reports manually it takes a long time to do so and because of this they suffer with ill time management and never being able to complete their work on time.

● The manufacturing industry is highly unstable and needs to evolve and adapt to the current business scenario to ensure the optimization, development, health and safety of their employees through managing their health data in either via Web or application.

● Pressure and extra hours of work can increase the health and safety issues for employees.

● Due to work stress, Employees can be diagnosed with Hypertension, Employees working in Noisy areas have hearing issues, Employees working in chemical areas have lungs issue, etc.

● Employers must ensure that they are having environmental and safety regulations, safety permission, health and safety policies.

● Lack of collaborative work together can result in the shutting down of production due to quality defects, unplanned maintenance, and unexpected incidents. Now, how to manage all these things very collaboratively and effectively, and in a very successful way.


Occupational Health and safety software could help organization being efficient enough to keep a healthy surroundings.

● To manage health and safety regarding issues, to manage every operation in a very effective way with the product Occucare which is the best fit via use of Health and Safety Software for Manufacturing Industries.

● To manage work requirements and health requirement easily and hassle freely every company should use or apply uses of Safety Software in Manufacturing Industry.

● Occucare is world-class Employee Health and Safety Management Software for Manufacturing Industry.

● Risk assessment, job hazard analysis and permit plays a vital role-they create a chain of responsibility and prevent situations of emergency i.e., fires and explosions these all can be solved with the help of Occupational Health and safety software for Manufacturing Industries.

● To prevent and maintain health of employees working in Manufacturing Industry, industries should use and apply Employee Health Management Software’s, from this software many things can be done i.e., their medical examination, medical check-ups, so that we can get clear idea of employees health and can generate health index of them as well.

● Occucare manages all the health-related issues for noise area employees, there is audiometry functionality where you have to put values and generate the health index, graphs, and reports as it is an Occupational Health and Safety System for Manufacturing Industry.

● For Occupational Health and Safety in Manufacturing Industry environment employees, there is pulmonary functionality where you have to define the test values and generate health index and reports.

● To maintain Employee’s Health and Wellness Occucare software is very useful as Employee Health Management for Manufacturing unit.

● For Safety permission, knowing safety rules and regulation there is a provision of safety module where the user can investigate all safety-related issues in an entire organization as we have designed Workplace Health Application for Manufacturing Unit.

Health and Safety Software Modules

Occcucare provides numereous modules which overcome the challenges faced in the Automotive Industries.

● Examination

Examine health related issues with the test parameter and provide diagnosis and recommendation.


What ever the examination related data, this module is very helpful to generate health -Index, Diagnosis Update etc.

● Safety

In Safety module safety related data , like Incident log, Incident summary, Observation, Hira everything related to Safety purpose you can use it.

● Health Index

Allows the leaders to calculate and accomplish the organizational health goals, required to sustain long-term performance

● Incident Management

Streamlined recording, and reporting of occupational injury to analyze and do an incident inspection.

● Observation

Recognize and communicate any potential issues to the safety of employees so that they can be resolved from the rising.