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OccuCare is user friendly

"The OccuCare program is a very logical application and easy to navigate through. When compared to other programmes,OccuCare is more user friendly. Thank you to the OccuCare implementation team for all of your assistance and attention to the customers' needs."

Devote more time for employee care

"I am now able to truly devote my time to employee health and wellness, analyzing reports and really digging into the areas of concern. I am no longer sorting and updating data from different logs for compliance and other reporting needs."


Information at the touch of a button

"OccuCare is very user friendly. A role based controllable access, which provides relevant information at the touch of a button. It requires minimal training and makes the hectic life of a Health & Safety Manager a lot more manageable!"

Tailored to meet our specific needs

"OccuCare is an effective tool that helps us to comply with an ever increasing number of Health & Safety regulations. Easy to install and simple to use, it helps me achieve Health & Safety compliance and protect our employees' safety at work. It has been tailored to meet our specific needs and we are very pleased with the results.”