EHS Management

What is an EHS Management System ?

  • As its name suggests, EHS Management is a management framework for businesses to keep workers, the workplace and the environment free from harm.
  • The Environmental pillar of EHS Management includes processes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent chemical spills.
  • The health pillar covers system to protect workers, customers and surrounding communities from exposure to pathogens, radiation or hazardous chemicals.
  • The Safety pillar involves procedure to keep workers safe from physical injury due to machinery or exposure to hazardous substances on the job.


OccuCare assigns health coaches to every employee for proactive healthcare and avails time-to-time health services which would be helpful to manage their health data as well.

● To work in a mining and metal industry is not an easy task to perform. We all know that from which hazardous processes they go through in their daily life and because of which it gets very difficult to manage their health as well.

● The shortage of technically skilled labor including project designers, mining geologists and engineers, is one of the most pressing and main concerns in the mining industry.

● The challenge for mining companies or industries is to build a flexible business, so that they can deal with fluctuations, uncertain demands of clients, and threat of production stability.

● A high percentage of the industry’s workforce is ageing, while experienced workers may have deep industry knowledge but hesitate to work in high heat environment and gaseous state as well due to which Employee Health & Wellness Software for metal and mining industry is in need.

● There is intense pressure to comply with regulations and industry standards such as responsible care to ensure the safe production of customer requirement in accordance with environmental stewardship, process safety, workplace safety, emissions management, and more to build and foster public trust and they do lack of Health and Safety Software for Mining and Metal Industry.

● In terms of health and safety, Innovation and technology is a source of constant challenge and change, with digital innovations in machinery being use in mining at the forefront of productivity in work and client requirement is a current required change in Mining and Metal industry.

● For managing health data of employee working in a metal & mining industry, company requires some numerous software’s to comply and to held all data at single place that could be done with Health and Safety mobile Application for Mining and Metal Industry.

● Embedding vast numbers of sensors in physical objects are turning out large volumes data for analysis and enabling communications among machines and employees working in Metal and Mining Industry, as they need to have strong understanding of digital technologies for which companies should start teaching them about these new emerging technologies.

● Doctors working in Mining and Metal Industry have to do medical examinations of employees as per the instructions from higher authority on Annually or Half Yearly basis at one place and time of whole organization or plant, and to keep data of those medical examinations in sorted and well maintained way is a difficult task to perform.


Organizations must identify and monitor possible health injuries to employees from workplace activity.

● To ensure safety and health of the employees working in a mining industry, we have designed Health and Safety Software for Mining and Metal industry.

● The shortage of skilled labors they are facing is because of ill time management and health management, in this response occucare has created Occupational Health and Safety for Mining and Metal industry.

● Solution to provide flexible business and more productive outcome is to provide employees a healthy and stable working environment, which would be provided with the help of Occupational Health Management Software for Metal and Mining Industry.

● Solution to which is, Safety Software for mining and metal industry to ensure 0% ill health index of employees.

● Risk assessment, job hazard analysis and permit plays a vital role, they create a chain of responsibility and prevent situations of emergency like fires, explosions and these all can be solved with the help of Occupational Health and safety software for Metal and Mining industries.

● Solution to this challenges of Innovation and technology with being digitalize in terms of Health and Safety is given by OccuCare as Employee Health Management Software for Mining and Metal Industry and this would be available in mobile Application too.

● Resolution or proven solution to which is that, there should be only one software or place where all data should get manage as in Occupational Health and Safety System for Mining and Metal Industry i.e., OCCUCARE.

● To provide solutions of all problem at workers management, time management and health management of employees as well, we have designed an Workplace Health Application for Metal and Mining Industry.

● Occucare offers wide range of advantages and modules as Occupational health and safety system for Metal and Mining field to generate reports of medical examination in bulk with the help of Examination Module designed with as required screens and report formats so that doctors don’t have to spend a lot time to generate and manage reports of health and medical examination of employees.

Health and Safety Software Modules

Occucare provides numereous modules which overcome the challenges faced in the Mining and Metal Industry.

● Examination

Examine health related issues with the test parameter and provide diagnosis and recommendation.


What ever the examination related data, this module is very helpful to generate health -Index, Diagnosis Update etc.

● Safety

In Safety module safety related data , like Incident log, Incident summary, Observation, Hira everything related to Safety purpose you can use it.


Allows to do medical consultation or routine checkup of employees working in OHC or MNC. Would allow to do tests required on the basis of disease and doctors can prescribe medicines too on the basis of Disease or Diagnosis.

● Reports

User or doctor can generate digital reports as per the requirement in Defence and Aerospace industry and also issue fitness certificate which can be viewed in mobile app too. Analyse and Generate report from collected data.

● Vaccination

From this module we can check the status of done vaccination employees and it’s completed and pending status easily and can check it’s taken date from the vaccination log.