EHS Management

What is an EHS Management System ?

These processes play a significant part in achieving and maintaining the overall environmental pretensions of the association. EHS Management (Environment, Health and Safety) is a pivotal aspect of an enterprise’s operations. It not only helps minimize the impact on the terrain and ameliorate worker safety and well- being but also can ameliorate hand retention, productivity, and enhance the brand image of the company prodding client and commercial growth.

EHS management is striving for operational efficiencies to invest in: patient privacy, employee safety, industrial hygiene, managing compliance, reducing production costs, gaining global visibility, and sharing best practices across the organization.


OccuCare assigns health coaches to every employee for proactive healthcare and avails time-to-time health services which would be helpful to manage their health data as well.

● In this new arena there are some new challenges of health and safety related while working in any Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology or Healthcare industry such as managing data in bulk for overall organisation with various fields and departments.

● In this industry customers and regulators are increasingly putting pressure on companies for the changes in industry standards and demanding to keep companies in health and Safety software to maintain the stock and inventory record with the help of health and safety management software for pharmaceutical industry.

● The challenge of maximizing drug safety and maintaining public confidence regarding drug has become increasingly complex. Health Software in Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology or Healthcare industry help to manage these kinds of data.

● Production systems for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology may carry a complex risk of occupational chemical exposure. Inhalation of volatile organic compounds from recovery, isolation, and extraction activities, during wet granulation, and during other processes is one of the most frequent types of chemicals and exposure pathways.

● Health and safety software for Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology or Healthcare industry are important objectives in this industry. When working in Chemical hazardous surroundings or moving chemical goods at work, there should be no compromise made regarding the health and safety of the personnel and the business.

● It can be a little challenging for the pharma/biotech/healthcare sectors to manage assets or to regularly examine the assets without managing the assets in the software.

● Tracking the health records of those who work in well-known industry, manage compliance at entire company level, Track the operational data in pharma/biotech/health in these industry.

● In pharma/biotech/healthcare industry to achieve asset manage part in a successful way, where they calculate calibration of their assets.

● Pharma/Biotech/healthcare industry how to manage biomedical waste data in successful way.


Organizations must identify and monitor possible health injuries to employees from workplace activity.

● Health and safety Software for Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology or Healthcare industry could minimize all the challenges being faced in these in industries with customized modules to manage various data in bulk.

● Occupational Health and safety Software in Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology or Healthcare industry are very useful in maintain the stock and inventory management data as it has a separate module to manage the inventory data on various location inside the organisation.

● In the pharma/biotech/healthcare, employees are working in chemical hazardous environment, Employee Health and Safety software for healthcare industries can keep track of health data according the permit given to the employees who are working in specific hazardous environment.

● Employees are working in chemical environment, constantly in touch with chemical so somewhere we have to manage safety protocols as well as maintain safety data so Safety Management software in Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology or Healthcare industry is very useful. OccuCare manage compliance and safety content.

● It includes safety and permissions processing, making it easy for management employees and medical professionals to monitor potentially dangerous activities.

● OccuCare includes an asset management feature that makes it simple for personnel to manage assets and renew them.

● Utilizing OccuCare’s Employee Health & Wellness Software for the Pharma/Biotech/Healthcare Industry and Health and Safety Mobile App for the Pharma/Biotech/Healthcare Industry can save doctors a significant amount of time by reducing paperwork to manage health data.

● Workplace App for pharma/biotech/healthcare industry using as work hygiene part as well as maintain worker health system.

● Occupation health and safety management software for Biotech industry is very much useful to manage or maintain the biomedical waste data in very efficient way.

Health and Safety Software Modules

There are some pre-dominant modules which can accommodate all the facilities which are required in pharmaceutical or relevant industries.

● Asset Management

OccuCare’s Asset management module aids in management of company’s valuable asset-high value vehicles.

● Pharmacy

OccuCare’s Pharmacy module is integrated with Stock, Procurement and clinical module to dispense drug as per prescription.

● Stock & Procurement

OccuCare’s stock and procurement is part of material management module.

● Inventory Management

OccuCare’s inventory management is useful for manage inventory data in this module.

● Regulatory Compliance

OccuCare provides complete real-time visibility of activity and compliance across organization.

● Bio-Medical waste

With OccuCare’s Bio-Medical waste sub module, date related to bio medical waste disposal are managed efficiently.