Occupational Health & Safety Is Vital to the Sustainable Growth of Organization

The OccuCare Occupational Health Management solution gives employees access to their medical information across the company, allows for centralized storage and tracking, and assures regulatory compliance. When employees are due for physicals, vaccines, audiometric testing, and other important assessment tasks, the system's robust logic sends out automated reminders. OccuCare's occupational health modules provide a comprehensive and important toolkit for managing all clinical activities for occupational health professionals.

Features & Benefit

OccuCare’s occupational health modules empower the Occupational Health Professional with a complete and invaluable online health and safety management system to manage all clinical activities. Click on one of the modules below to learn more.

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Manage all activities of OHC with comprehensive occupational health modules of OccuCare



OccuCare helps organizations keep track and manage employee wellness in less hassle



Ensure the safety of employees with detailed safety modules of OccuCare


Mobile Application

Employees and doctors can use the mobile app to manage their appointments and track health status even on the go

OccuCare Intuitive Mobile App

Keep track of your Personal and Organizational health through our Unique health and wellness App.

Download the Occucare Mobile App

Employees and doctors can download our mobile and desktop app to manage their health and access health records even on the go. OccuCare mobile app is highly intuitive and easy to use for both employees and doctors.


Achievements Complete

Helping organisations to achieve health and safety compliance.


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OHC Digitized


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Paper Saved

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What Our Clients Say

Our Clients send us bunch of smiles for our occupational health & safety software systems service and they love them.


Dr. Prakash Pokharna

Ambuja Cement

"We appreciate the quality of their suggestions. Additionally, they did research and expanded their knowledge in areas that were new to them. We were delighted with the results. On the Dashboard, we can get complete access to the employee appointments for the periodic exam, stock management with alert of medicine expiration date, keep a complete check on Asset checks with the due date, injury alerts in case of any sickness, injury reported, and provision of alerting the recipient for the appointment."


Mayank Sinha (AM-IT)

Bank Note Paper Mill Pvt. Ltd.

I personally consider the Occucare team to be a highly enthusiastic group that is always willing to help us and generate additional reports or project flows within a reasonable time-frame. I can see that the HR department has become much more efficient as a result of this product, and the OHC department, which used to maintain data on paper, has begun to manage data more efficiently as well. Overall, this product benefited us and made us become more digital, efficient, and audit-ready.


Kalpesh Sheth (AGM-IT)

Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd.

The most impressive about Occucare team is that they were very energetic and knowledgeable. They took any requirement as a new thing to learn and perfectly implemented it on a given timeline. The product is based on the health management of the company’s employees. We can also have all the reports which are needed for audit / compliance purposes. It contains first-aid inspection, ambulance inspection, Medical examination management, and a lot of many things. OPDs which we do on daily basis has been digitized.


Dr. Kamal Mistry
(Medical Officer)

MG Motor

I’m impressed with the Occucare efficiency. The team can complete any task we toss their way promptly while ensuring the quality of their work. Thus owing to the software healthcare professionals like us can direct all our time to protect, maintain and promote the wellness of employees and are no longer needed to sort and update data from different logs. They’ve provided the quality we were expecting from them. To record the data efficiently of the regular health checkups we organize keeping in mind the parameters that are critical for operation at MG Motors on basis of which the health index is calculated.


Dr. Nirav Modi
(Medical Officer)

Bayer Vapi Pvt. Ltd.

The best result from this product is that our company got a good Support team who is always available if any minimum bugs are found and resolves it quickly. Occucare team keeps our data privacy and security in priority. Managing the medical data, viewing the reports of medical health check-up became very convenient for us. Large amount of data can be managed in a single click. Now are very glad that we are able to use this software which has helped us in many ways. The best thing about Occucare is that they are always willing to take on a new requirement no matter how hard it is, and then develop it with the decided timeline.


Dr. Pushpendra Handa
(Vice president)

ACC Limited

Occucare efficiency astounds me. The team can do whatever assignment we throw at them quickly and to a high standard. Their timing and delivery abilities were exactly what they said they would be. The product contains every aspect of health management in OHC, such as employee data management, employees’ examination from pre-employment, periodic to retirement, OPD on daily basis. Compliance reports generation as per the medical examination. The best part is every medical paperwork had become digitalized. Software free of bugs makes it very comfortable and easy to work with.


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