EHS Management

What is an EHS Management System ?

An EHS management system is not just a software or a technology solution. Instead, it is collection of activities, policies and procedures that deliver your organization’s playbook for Environment, Health and Safety programs. The goal of an EHS management system is to protect workers from job-related injuries and illnesses, identify and mitigate physical, chemical and biological hazards in the workplace as well as improving training and communications that clearly explain the company objectives for promoting a safe and healthy work environment.


Implementing rules and work flow of EHS Management Software gives handful of advantages, that does not get restricted by the count of employees in an organization.

● The chemical industry is the backbone of industrial and agricultural development in India. It plays very significant role in the evolution of human civilization.

● And so does the employees of these chemical industries are, because of these employees they are able to run industries so productively and making such a good business out of it.

● The chemical industry faces a daunting shortage of skilled laborers which affects the productivity of the industry.They require proper training and guidance.

● As we all know that people working in an chemical industry’s plant are on high risk to die early and many of them are suffereing of severe diseases like Contact Dermatitis, Follicular lesions, Skin cancer, chemical burns, breathing problem, contact leukoderma because of the hazardous chemicals & gases they work with on everyday basis.

● There is intense pressure to comply with stringent regulations and industry standards such as Responsible Care to ensure the safe production of chemicals in accordance with environmental stewardship, process safety, workplace safety, emissions management, and more to build and foster public trust.

● Since doctors of OHS or MNC have to generate reports manually it takes a long time to do so and because of this they suffer with ill time management and never being able to complete their work on time.

● The chemical industry is highly unstable and needs to evolve and adapt to the current business scenario to ensure the optimization, development, health and safety of their employees through managing their health data in either via Web or application.

● To manage health and personal data of employee working in an chemical industry and area, company requires different-different softwares to comply to held all data at single place.

● Chemical companies have to deal with multiple rules and regulations to remain compliant. Depending on the products your company produces, you may be subject to guidelines.

● Manufacturers can track the processes they use that produce waste, scrap, and byproducts. With this information in hand, executives can work with the EPA to remain compliant.

● Chemical company employees need to know where to find inventory in real-time. Some companies have multiple warehouses, which complicates keeping up with inventory use.

● Chemical companies must rely on formulas to track their material usage and maintain detailed records to ensure their final products are consistent.


Implementing rules and work flow of EHS Management Software give handful advantages which not restrict from the number of employees working in your organization.

● Solution to many of the issues chemical industry is facing can be clarified and rectified via use of Health and Safety Software for respective chemical industry.

● Devastating effects that can be prevented – but they also require proper awareness and planing. Working personnel must be trained-before laying out certain rules and guidelines, identification of the chemical hazards remain on prime which can be done through Health software for chemical industries.

● SOP trainings, PPE training and post information delivery to supplement the SOPs help when chemicals require specific handling instructions and cover it up with the help of Safety module being designed in occucare for Safety Software and mode being designed in application for Workplace health app for chemical industry.

● Training of all these above listed topics can be given through the help of workspace health application by which employees and their head can manage health data easily with the help of Safety Software being designed for chemical industry.

● Risk assessment, job hazard analysis and permit plays a vital role-they create a chain of responsibility and prevent situations of emergency. Thier checklists address all the safety protocols and safe procedures, be it hygiene, cleanliness, PPE usage, unexpected circumstances i.e., fires and explosions these all can be solved with the help of Occupational Health and safety software for chemical industries.

● To prevent and maintain health of employees working in chemical industry, industries should use and apply Employee Health Management Software’s, from this software many things can be done i.e., their medical examination, medical check-ups, so that we can get clear idea of employees health and can generate health index of them as well.

● Occucare offers Occupational health and safety system for chemical field in business to generate reports of medical examination in bulk with the help of Examination Module designed with all the needed screens and reports so that doctors dont have to spare a lot of time to generate and manage reports of medical examination.

● We can generate reports of employees working in an hazardous space their examination, compare them with other employees through ‘Compare health index’ with employees working in less dangerous space in an industry with help of Health Analysis module designed in Occucare and via application for Employee health management for Chemical industry

● Can manage employees health data through medical surveillance, Clinical Visits (OPD), Incident Management, Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA), Permit Management, and many more with the help of Employee Safety and Health for chemical industry in human resource management which would be much more helpful to chemical industries.

● With the help of Employee Health & wellness software for Chemical Industry as in Occucare medical, health and personal data of employees can be managed at one place.

● To follow guidelines being implied by industries hassle freely we have designed health and safety management software for chemical industry as in Occucare, by which it gets easy to follow guidelines and manage health data of employees as well.

● To keep track of all kind of wastes being generated or gathered from manufacturers side and doctor side can be manage through BIO-MEDICAL WASTE module designed in Occucare and Occupational Health Management Software for chemical industry.

● Chemical companies can also optimize their resources by shifting resource-intensive work to off-hours and can be working flexibly by the help of Employee Health Management software for chemical industry i.e., OCCUCARE.

● Software that can store these elements for each product makes tracking inventory much more streamlined for a chemical company. Users will need to search for components and completed items in several measurements. With the use of OCCUCARE one can easily find stock and its availability in the module designed as Material Management or you can say Inventory Management in employee safety and health in human resource management for chemical industry.

● To keep data of any kind of waste being generated or gathered from doctors side, after consultation or dressing of injury of employee can be manageable with the help of module being designed and named as BIO MEDICAL WASTE in Occucare as Occupational Health Management Software for Chemical Industry.

Modules related to Health and Safety of employees

● Examination

Allows the doctors to do medical examination of employee’s annually or half-yearly with eight different types, and can maintain health data, can generate health index, health cards of respective employees and can manage data in bulk as well.

● Asset

Allows the admin to manage data of companies assets for e.g. data of Pc’s , Machines and can manageable through their audit and inspection details as well.


Can easily access and create health index’s of employees of whom medical examination is been done. Can compare health indexes and data of examination’s round, can view count based data of all type of medical consultation and examination related to medical health.

● Security

Managing with creating user credentials for hassle free log-in, use, functionality and permissions based on their usability and as per their need. Can manage user’s accessebility and restrict its screen usage through permission manageability and user’s location access.

● Data Analysis

To do analysis of data of employees personal or health data and reporting the same with tools, helps to make a quick analysis and provide accurate and precise information of employees in specific and as required format.


To do identification of hazardous incidents happening in organization and to do risk assessment of how severe the incidents were, this module is being designed for management health related tasks.