EHS Management

What is an EHS Management System ?

EHS(Environment, health and safety) software is a set of procedures, norms, policies, ordinances,and restrictions designed to safeguard the ecosystem, the corporation, its workers, and the general population.The EHS Management System helps with reducing risk in hazardous environments, as well as keeping track of the health of all people working in the organization


EHS Management Software could help in growth of the organization in terms of health, safety and employees personal data.

● To manage employees' health and personal data in bulk, OHS Automotive industries have a vast and complex workflow. And without having Health Software for Automotive industry, it becomes very difficult to manage the OHC in an efficient manner.

● In this sector, health and safety are top priorities. There should be no compromise about the health and safety of the employees and the organization when working in hazardous environments or moving hazardous materials in the workplace.

● Additionally, it is quite challenging to monitor employees' health data who are working in productive sectors due to unavailability of Workplace health app for Automotive industry.

● When it comes to managing patient records and producing compliance documents in the appropriate format, doctors face several challenges. During the medical examination of employees, a variety of challenges are experienced, including not knowing the employee's most recent medical information, latest medical date, or diagnosis.

● Managing assets or checking the assets on regular basis is a bit difficult for Automotive industries.

● Unsafe acts that are observed while working in the automotive industry must be recorded, but without a reliable tracking system, it is very challenging for the industries to train staff to adhere to industry regulations without Safety Software for Automotive industry

● Doctors struggle with time management since it takes a bit longer time to manually generate all the correct documentation and keep track of the health of all the employees.

● Executive assignments consume far too much time for EHS workgroups and professionals in automotive industry. On duties like management reporting, statistics review and evaluation, and activity follow-up, it's not rare for organizations to save 50% and more hours.

● Acquiring to use the EHS management system requires practice pretty much like learning or acquiring any new skill. Everybody grows at their own tempo and in their own unique style


Occupational Health and safety software could help organization being efficient enough to keep a healthy surroundings.

● Occucare offers Occupational Health and Safety Software for Automotive industry which can not only manage employee health data but it will also keep track of overall organizational health. Occucare also guarantees that organizations can follow the compliance as per state government regulations by developing the documents in an identical format with health and safety mobile app for Automotive industry.

● Occucare provides safety and permits workflow, making it simple for management staff and doctors to keep track of hazardous activity with Employee Health & wellness software for Automotive industry

● Occucare Offers employee safety and health in human resource management for Automotive industry where the personal data of employees can be managed very efficiently.

● Occucare has Asset management functionality where managing assets and renewing the assets gets very easy for the staff with Occupational Health and Safety System for Automotive industry.

● Health and safety management software for Automotive industry provides an Observation tracking system that can track all the unsafe acts committed in the industry.

● Employee health management software for the Automotive industry, reduces so much time for doctors by providing all the required reports in a single click, to check all the Health trends in a single click.

● Doctors can save a lot of time by using health and safety mobile app for the Automotive industry and Employee Health & wellness software for the Automotive industry which are provided by Occucare. Occupational Health and Safety for Automotive industry must be taken very seriously.

● With EHS software Reporting tools and alerts, for example, Health and safety software for Automotive industry can help to eliminate several of time-taking activities.

● EHS Software could also prevent the occurrence of unwelcome activities and their associated costs, such as legal expenses, health and laborers' payment of compensation, penalties, loss of bureaucratic time, and linked travel costs.

Health and Safety Software Modules

Occcucare provides numereous modules which overcome the challenges faced in the Automotive Industries.

● Employee Management

Capture all the essential data of employees to manage their health and safety quickly.

● Health Tracking System

Track and Manage your employees' Health during their job tenures with your organization. Also eases compliance for you.

● OPD visits

Record data from simple clinical encounters for employees with illnesses, order lab tests, prescribe medications & define further courses if required.

● Incident Management

Streamlined recording, and reporting of occupational injury to analyze and do an incident inspection.

● Observation Module

Recognize and communicate any potential issues to the safety of employees so that they can be resolved from the rising.

● Employees' health reports

Allows the leaders to calculate and accomplish the organizational health goals, required to sustain long-term performance