EHS Management

What is an EHS Management System ?

Environment, Health, and Safety management is an all-in-one term that focuses on improving the EHS performance of a business. EHS management refers to the implementation of procedures focused on ensuring and improving the safety of workers and their surroundings.

Oil and Gas Software is a large umbrella category that includes exploration, extraction, engineering, production, and asset management. These activities are supported by individual software tools, many of which are available as modules in Oil and Gas Management Software suites


OccuCare assigns health coaches to every employee for proactive healthcare and avails time-to-time health services which would be helpful to manage their health data as well.

● The changing weather patterns caused by climate change also have a real impact on oil and gas operations. Natural disasters and hazards such as earthquakes and floods cause significant disruption to extractive activity and the communities in which they operate

● The oil and gas industry is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gases globally, and organisations are being urged to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic more ethically and sustainably.

● In oil and gas OHC there must be skilled worker to work with as there are government bodies keeping eye and track on it.

● It’s hard to store Gas and OIL as it requires big tank and containers for storage and need cool and natural environment.

● OIL and GAS is a valuable natural resource which are useful in many ways

● Storage of Oil and Gas should be in open space and airtight container to preserve it in original form

● Occupational health is an integral part of the health management system used in OIL and GAS industry. It is concerned with the interrelationship between work and health, i.e. the effects of work on health and the effects of people’s health on their capacity to work.

● Regular body check-up like eye test and lungs test for the employee working in Oil and Gas is necessary for proper output.

● We can keep track of the available stock and quantity.


For Managing and storing Health related data in Occucare Software is one and only solution.

● A health management system enables an organization to control it’s health risks and to achieve higher standard of performance by means of continuous improvement.

● Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette. Sterilization and disinfection of medical materials

● Advise on the provision of safe and healthy conditions by informed assessment of the physical and psychological aspects of the working environment

● Identify and advise management on the causes of occupational disease and injury and the means of their prevention

● Advise on the rehabilitation and placement in suitable work of those temporarily or permanently incapacitated by illness or injury.

● The oil and gas industry has numerous environments that make up this sector.

● These environments are very large scale and call for the most effective, reliable, and specialized occupational health and safety services.

● Mobile Medical offers an assortment of occupational health and safety services to those in the oil and gas sector, such as

● clinical health surveillance of employees hired locally or from outside the region.

Health and Safety Software Modules

There are many Modules which can be useful for Oil and Gas Industry.

● HR Module

It is very much used to Add and update the employee data.

● Examination

All the Employee which are added in Hr modules their examination can be proceed easily. After doing examination one can check his/her health index generated after completing the diagnostic.


Regular Checkup for Oil and gas working staff can be done to ensure healthy lifestyle.

● Asset

Assets which are used or assigned to employee can be tracked and do regular checkup and it’s maintenance as per required.

● Reports

OccuCare provides complete real-time visibility of activity and compliance across organization.

● Vaccination

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