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What are the major safety training’s which should be conducted?

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What are the major safety training’s which should be conducted?

There are thousands of death and injuries reported in the workplace due to a lack of proper safety training for employees. Employees who are working in a dangerous working environment where injuries are more likely to occur should be provided with safety training. Preventing injuries at the workplace by providing effective safety training to employees should be the topmost priority for any organisation.

Providing health and safety training to employees helps organisation to ensure that employee’s don’t suffer from any injuries or illness due to the work they do.
Employers in India should train workers on all workplace safety measures and the risks that their workers may face while on the job, and providing effective training on how to deal with hazards.

The safety training of employees should include,

  •  1. Prevention of safety and promoting safety standards.
  • 2. Reporting of safety (Compliance).
  • 3. Responding in emergency condition and Accident.
  • 4. Involvement of employees.
  • 5. Danger and hazards at the workplace./li>
  • 6. Safety regarding chemicals used at the workplace.
  • 7. Heavy machinery and equipment.
  • 8. Using of Personal protective equipment.
  • 9. Safety standards practice.

Organisation can document or record all the training modules which are to be provided to employees. Creating a planned training will help employers to keep track of those employees who are trained, what was the date when they completed safety training and what is the date of refresher safety training, these data helps a lot to maintain the safety training schedule of employees. Employers can also have a mobile application regarding employees safety training schedule that can be easily accessible. The mobile application can play a very vital role in terms of providing safety training, keeping track of employees whose safety training is due. Safety training videos can also be uploaded that can be easily seen by employees.

Examinations or tests, quizzes, puzzles on the mobile application can help improvisation of employee understanding on safety standards. They can focus on topics based on exam result.
Employers should prepare a safety training sign-in sheet that should be maintained by a safety trainer. Employees whose safety training is completed should sign the sheet which will serve as proof that they have received quality and proper safety training.

There are a lot of employees who don’t know the English language, the non-speaking English population is continuously growing in every sector and therefore an employer needs to provide bilingual safety training to those employees who don’t understand the English language.
There are large numbers of employees who display disinterest in attending safety training provided by employer’s, trainer feels frustrates and unappreciated due to employees attitude of disinterest so it’s the trainer duty to ensure that safety training includes a fun activity, quizzes, prize distribution, etc. so that employee enjoys the course and also understand the importance of safety at workplaces.

Importance of Effective safety training.
An effective safety training helps organisation to reduce the number of injury-related cases, damages to property, illness of employees, claims of employees and most importantly employee absenteeism is reduced. An effective safety training program also helps the organisation to keep up with the safety standards training courses directed by the government of India.
Safety training sessions help to discover a safety culture within the workplace and employees help themselves to a proper understanding of safety protocols that are to be maintained on the job.

An effective safety training includes the flow as follows,

Employer’s need to determine if training is needed.

If the situation can be solved by safety training, training is the best possible solution to problems like unfamiliar with heavy machinery, lack of understanding on how to use Personal protective equipment, lack of focus at the workplace, incorrect execution of work, and lastly lack of motivation to employees.

Goals & Objective should be identified by the safety trainer, trainer should prepare a list of materials that are needed for effective safety training for employees and also it is equally important that unnecessary material should not be included in the training to avoid the frustration of employees. At the starting of every session, the trainer should iterate the topics that will be covered and should provide a brief introduction to employees so that employees have a rough idea in their mind that what they are going to learn. The trainer should demonstrate the live scenarios which can happen at their workplace and how to tackle the same, this will help employees to understand better and properly.

Learning attitude development– A safety trainer can simulate the dangerous conditions through which an incident takes place. Trainers can demonstrate the live scenarios which also includes role-playing. Trainers can also include presentation through charts, PowerPoint presentation and videos to increase employees participation. These ways are very useful to make the safety training more effective.

Employees should be provided with safety learning materials such as safety document that help’s employees to refer it anytime in case they forgot something. Evaluating the safety training program and working on increasing the effectiveness of the safety training is also essential.

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