RoI Benchmark Achieved using our Health and safety Software


Direct Benefits of OccuCare

With OccuCare’s cloud-based delivery and straightforward pricing structure, you can get started right away with confidence that you've chosen the best course of action for your company's present and future.


Streamline OH Processes

Share best practices across your organization – encourage employee collaboration. allowing for the simplification of current occupational health procedures as a management tool for evidence-based best practises.


Better Manage Medical Records

With our Health Software Easily generate employee health records and individual records of events. Plan and schedule medical surveillance or visits for different groups. Centralize and secure access to each worker’s medical history. Protect data confidentiality and privacy.


Maintain a healthy workplace

With OccuCare Safety software prevent majority of incidents via root cause analysis, keep tabs on unsafe acts & conditions. This allows organization to keep workplace healthy with less incidents.


Anticipate health issues

Better anticipate potential occupational health issues by analyzing medical surveillance records, employee absence trends, and medical details and statistics. Detect hazard patterns, trends and unusual events in a timely manner.


Better Health Index

Enables you to calculate Health Index of each employee and get Business, Vertical, Function, Location & Age wise Health Analysis. Tracking this helps to improve the employee wellness index.


Employees' Accountability

Keep employees aware all the time with their health. Hence, they themselves feel responsible to take care of their own health.

Indirect Benefits of OccuCare OccuCare

Here are few of the indirect benefits which we have highlighted which are realized in long term, and hence are usually ignore while consider the RoI of our health and safety software

● Reduced Sickness Absenteeism Cost

Sick-leave accounts for 60-70%, these are man-days loss for the organization. With better health monitoring sickness absenteeism can be reduced. Which saves cost for the organization.

● Higher Productivity

Studies have proved that better health leads to better productivity. At one of the commercial plant productivity change noticed was around 10.8% in sick workers. Some companies have also achieved 21% increase in productivity.

● Improve Corporate Image

who doesn’t like the company which takes care of their employees. It will help to attract better employees. Better Image leads to attraction of better employees and better employee retention.

● Better Employee Engagement

Customized health tips and notification to employees as per their conditions will lead better engagement. Adani group won an award at ABCI because of our app.

● Reduce staff turnover

As per Maslow’s pyramid, Health, Safety & Security are the second most important after the basic necessities like air, food, water etc. And OccuCare conveys to employees that my employer is taking care of me.

● Reduced Sickness Presenteeism productivity loss

Sick employees usually takes more time to complete a task and may sometimes end up increase the resource utilization then planned.