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Current Trends

OHS is the foundation of operational excellence.

An increasing number of companies recognized that occupational health and safety is the foundation of operational excellence. High levels of worker productivity are critical to the success of all sorts of organisations. As a result, health and safety risks and productivity are being discussed within corporate medical departments, executive suites and government agencies around the world.


OHS benefit

More substantial links between the implementation of health and safety programmes and their beneficial impact on a business's productivity and profits are emerging, both directly (such as reduced sick pay and compensation claims) and indirectly (for example, reduced absenteeism, improved corporate reputation and more job satisfaction).A safe working environment is fundamental to not only employees, clients and the industry, but also to an organisation’s overall performance.

Effective Risk Management

A comprehensive approach to health and safety management can only be achieved through the implementation of enterprise-based OSH management systems The established system for OSH management includes hazard identification, risk assessment, implementation of prevention measures, mon-itoring and review.



Increase performance and profitability

Additionally, the prevention of incidents through improved OHS has more benefits than just reducing injuries. It also provides a flow-on(?) effect to an organisation’s overall performance and profitability, both directly and indirectly.

The direct benefits include :

The indirect benefits include :