High Numbers Of Work-Related Accidents And Diseases

Recent decades have seen significant technological advances in the workplace which together with rapid globalization, have transformed work throughout the world. The impact of such changes is also significant on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). The numbers of work-related accidents and diseases are still unexpectedly high, which is costing valuable time and resource for organization worldwide. Its been realized that the work accidents and work related ill health issues are devouring about 5-10% of the gross profits of an organization.

Dealing With A Changing Work Pattern

At the same time many workers are exposed to ‘new’ risks emerging from changing work patterns, because of conditions arising from precarious employment and increased pressures to meet the demands of modern working life. Workforce age profiles are also changing, as is the gender balance in many workplaces. These changes in employment patterns have created evident risks that were either less prevalent or less obvious previously.


Standardize Health Record Across Different Geographies

Employees are scattered across different locations of organization as well as employees frequently keeps on moving across locations. Data management at distributed location required considerable amount of resources and infrastructure. So there is a need for single integrated solution to standardize employee's health record for better visibility across all locations to satisfy IT and business needs.

Review Worker’s Health Status

The periodic comprehensive review of a worker's health status to prevent the onset of disease or the worsening of an existing disease that may be occurring at the workplace is vital part of any organizations and goal of occupational health.


Regulatory Compliance

The government regulations pertaining to worker health and safety issues have impacted virtually every facet of industrial operations. Effective management of regulatory compliance factors is often crucial to continuing corporate profitability.

More Demand On Occupational Health And Safety Professionals

This is raising more demand of occupational health and safety related services. Occupational health professionals have to record employee health data, maintain their mandatory screening, manage workplace injuries / illnesses, clinic visits, referrals ,wellness programs, cost analysis and optimization for health related services.


Challenges Faced By Occupational Health & Safety Professional Are

  • Define and setup medical examinations based on job/location/hazards and assign and communicate schedule to employees.
  • Analyze and Generate report from collected data.
  • Reports are in multiple formats and perspectives by Business Unit, Geographical Region, Risk Area, and Business Function.
  • Provide various reports to employee, supervisor, safety and HR.
  • Create and track compliance corresponding to the requirement.