Product Differentiator

OccuCare is designed to assist organizations effectively ,manage their Health and Safety risk and compliance. Scalable from less than fifty users to many thousands of users and with multi-language capabilities, our systems can be configured in-line with your individual requirements.

We Are Always Improving

We constantly strive to find ways of improving product feature, technology, user experience and performance


Key Reasons Clients Choose us Above Other Providers Include

  • Rapid ROI – everything we do is based on delivering value. OccuCare’s advanced functionality reduces organizational risk and streamlines operations
  • Product – Occucare is scalable, easy to use and fully configured to fit your established business processes
  • Streamline- OccuCare assists to streamline the Occupational Health Operations across all the locations, keeping the respective compliances in consideration. This allows easy management of operations for organizations' management team.
  • Process – we deliver solutions using a well defined, proven implementation methodology, which is based on understanding your established processes, then configuring a tailored solution. We are continually improving our project management methodology.
  • Exclusive focus on a single, class-leading solution
  • People –your solution will be delivered by a team of industry and technical specialists who are passionate about what they do.

Occucare Technical Features


User Friendly


Web Application


Easy Integration


Modular System


Secure System


User Privilege Control


Multi Site Configuration


Business Workflow


MIS Reporting


User Dashboard


Flexible Configuration

Occucare Key Functional Feature

  • Specially designed for occupational health and safety requirement of industries rather than conventional clinic management system
  • State wise compliance reporting as per schedule of factory act for hazardous and non hazardous industry using our health and safety reporting software
  • Standardize employee health data management across multiple sites having multiple sub locations like plant, employee colony
  • View employee's complete medical history information Starting from pre employment to retirement
  • Integrate Pharmacy, Inventory, Diagnostic, safety data and clinical support module like First Aid, Claim, Health counselling, Bio medical waste, Asset Management etc.
  • Support organization having in house clinical setup as well depend on external clinical service providers
  • Pulmonary function test record with inbuilt KAMATH formula
  • ILO format for radiological examination
  • Inbuilt colour vision examination module with ISHIHARA chart
  • Assessment and requirement of audiometry examination with logical interpretations
  • Verities of letters and certificates pertaining to individual employee like medical certificate, fitness certificate etc.
  • Advanced Clinical Decision Support
  • Detail cost analysis reports
  • Management Information System (MIS) module for in depth analysis
  • Dedicated Support and Training