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Employee Information

Employee Management module of Occucare provides a comprehensive range of facilities and functionality to assist with the management of HR-related employee data that is shared by the other modules. Employee Management module generates Employee code which is used for Employee identification in whole application.
Employee Management Module Capture information related to :
OccuCare Employee personal & demographic details.
OccuCare Family details.
OccuCare Communication details.
OccuCare Medical details of employees and their dependents.
OccuCare Location, Department, Designation and Grade detail.
OccuCare Company and contractor details.
OccuCare Shift, Exposure and Hazard Detail
OccuCare Insurance details.
OccuCare Previous employment history.
Occucare accurately manages all different location employee to their respective locations, But need of one location employee to other location can be readily satisfied with Occucare’s unique Employee Transfer facility which not only transfer employee from one location to other but do provide the facility to refer his/her medical examination data to transferred location.
Occucare’s Unique reporting facility generates quick and accurate report important to you in different formats including Chart formats, tabular formats, Summary view, Detail report and Age group report. Reports Generated from employee management modules are :
OccuCare Blood Group Report
OccuCare Gender Wise report
OccuCare Employee working in Hazard Report
OccuCare Marital Status Wise report
OccuCare Employee Dependent list
OccuCare Trainings report
OccuCare Disability Report

Value Added Features and Benefits :

OccuCare Full Historical employee records including employment roles, occupation and exposure details
OccuCare Employee Dependant detail
OccuCare Unique Employee transfer facilities
OccuCare Integrate with other Human Resource Management system for easy data transfer