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Medical Surveillances

The employees of any company are the largest single investment for company. It is gaining importance to protect employee from work related diseases and illnesses as numerous studies have shown that a proactive approach to employee’s occupational health can directly affect the performance of the organization. It is also a legal obligation for every employer to provide a safe and healthy working environment.
As Occucare is focused on healthier, safer and more Productive work force, Occucare’s wide range of Medical Surveillance programs commencing from employment to retirement satisfies both regulatory and business need. Medical Surveillance Programs has the ability to provide organization with numerous benefits, including the proactive protection of employees from illnesses and Occupational disease which not only helps in reduction of sickness/absence rates and their related costs by early detecting signs of work related illness but also important from legal point of view. Medical Surveillance programs offered from Occucare are :
OccuCare Pre-Employment Examination
OccuCare Periodic Examination
OccuCare Pre Placement Examination
OccuCare Post Sickness Examination
OccuCare Pre Retirement Examination
Occucare’s Examination modules are well equipped with all necessary clinical templates, clinical questionnaire and Medical test data to complete single screen check up. The duration of checkup and list of clinical test for examination depends on the type of industry and exposure of the work. Thus, it varies from industry to industry and from department to department. Furthermore Occucare’s surveillance module linked with surveillance set up module to define surveillance based on various criteria like age group, department, grade, gender, hazard etc
Occucare’s Unique Paperless reporting facility generates quick and accurate report important to you in different formats including Chart formats, tabular formats, Summary view, Detail report and Age group report. Intuitive reports are displayed in an easy-to-interpret format, ensuring you can quickly identify risk areas and take positive and preventative action.
Occucare’s powerful reporting ensures the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time. Occucare's reporting flexibility not only provides visibility from corporate level but all the way down through your hierarchical structure, with multiple perspectives – examine data by: Division, Business Unit, Locations, Risk Area, and Business Function.

Reports Generated from Examination modules are :

OccuCare Personal Detail Report
OccuCare Clinical Examination Report
OccuCare Compliance Report
OccuCare Pulmonary Report
OccuCare Hearing Report
OccuCare Vision Report
OccuCare Diagnosis Report
OccuCare Examination Status Report

Value Added Features and Benefits :

OccuCare A wide range of Clinical Test Modules including Audiometry, Pulmonary, X-Ray ILO, and Vision examination
OccuCare Occucare’s configuration facilities allow you to customize your own pattern of work which improves accuracy and complete whole process smoothly which saves time.
OccuCare Simplified data entry and automation features for maximum efficiency and accuracy
OccuCare Colour indicator ensure accurate and efficient data entry
OccuCare Scan and electronically attach paper–based records to patients' Profile
OccuCare Fast—As just have to select appropriate data from drop down instead of writing
OccuCare Linked to diagnostic module to update test data
OccuCare Various Action button like View, History, Visit helps in diagnosis
OccuCare Analyze collected data and generate Precise and Accurate report according to your need in different format
OccuCare Track and maintain medical history of all employee
OccuCare Unique Paperless reporting Facility Sent health card directly to respective department head via E-mails.
OccuCare complying with complex internal and regulatory demands