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Regulatory Compliances

Occucare provides complete real-time visibility of activity and compliance across organization, and delivers valuable information to you at the click of a button, helping you save time and money. OccuCare simplifies regulatory reporting by automatically keeping appropriate records electronically, and allowing you to print what you need and when you need it. Beyond giving compliance and reporting, the power of OccuCare comes from integrating so many related functions to enhance workflow, simplify information-sharing, cut costs and drive results.
Occucare comes with all important modules like Incident/Accident management, First Aid, Claim, Audit/Inspection, Medical surveillance with pre employment and periodic examination including Pulmonary testing, Hearing conservation, Vision testing, X-Ray ILO and many more. It also provide mandatory form and certificates like Pre employment and periodic examination form, accident and injury form, Fitness certificate, examination certificate, medical certificate etc. in ready, acceptable and presentable format which automatically get filled and generated whenever needed which address the bureaucracy, saves time and reduce the cost of compliance visits.

Value Added Features and Benefits :

OccuCare Available with all mandatory modules like Examination, First aid, Pulmonary testing, Hearing conservation, Vision testing, X-Ray ILO etc to satisfy regulatory need
OccuCare Create, store and easily retrieve medical records and certificates with instant access to patient data
OccuCare In built mandatory Forms and certificate according to state and country
OccuCare Forms and certificate automatically gets filled from data provided
OccuCare Completely Updated with current regulation and keeps updating with new regulations
OccuCare Proactive approach to risk management reduces compliance visit and related cost
OccuCare Clearly distinguish personal health information from occupationally-related data to avoid inadvertent disclosures.
OccuCare Securely protects against unauthorized access to data