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Next-Generation Health And Safety Management Software In Sweden!

Occupational Health and Safety concerns shouldn't be downplayed or overlooked. Your company may suffer long-term if you don't implement health and safety software. The cloud-based EHS management system offered by OccuCare has the potential to either eliminate the occurrence of future issues or significantly minimize their severity. Our health and safety management software, such as occupational health and safety software, offers a comprehensive platform for efficient job management and all the elements required to keep employees safe. The drag-and-drop function of EHS management software makes adding new records to an existing case easy, whether a single file or a group of files. Emails and attachments may be easily imported into OHS using a Microsoft Outlook add-in.

The OccuCare workplace safety software may monitor employee spending, revealing data on contractor expenditures. Organizations may tailor health & safety software to their needs; the resulting reports can inform their decision-making. There could be less need to fill out forms. The OccuCare occupational health software customizable folders facilitate the orderly storage of relevant records—sort documents by category after labeling them with labels you've created specifically for your company's requirements.


Access Safety And Compliance With Employee Safety Software!

With the support of OccuCare's Corporate wellness software, you can lower operational risk, boost health and safety performance, and meet sustainability targets. Compliance with environmental, health, and safety standards is a top priority for almost every company, sector, and continent. Employee Safety Software is beneficial if one of your organization's goals is to follow stringent environmental regulations or essential health and safety regulations. Whether it's a report, an inspection, or an audit, the employee health management feature makes it easy to find, implement, and maintain compliance with all relevant regulations and rules. All stakeholders may monitor the company's EHS performance in real time using intuitive dashboards with a drag-and-drop interface of the employee health software.


Manage Everything At One Place Using The Employee Wellness App From OccuCare!

By highlighting the metrics of most significant interest to each stakeholder group, single or several dashboards may be adapted to meet their requirements. Because of the employee wellness app, OccuCare's EHSQ Software may be accessed by management and employees from any place at any time on any device. Encourage active participation from employees and strive to enhance the timeliness and quality of crucial data to keep all stakeholders up-to-date on the status of your environmental, health, and safety (EHS) program in real time using occupational health manager software.

Mobile App Features

OccuCare Mobile App is simple and has a comprehensive, summary, and graphical interfaces for a better viewing experience. It includes an Employee Login to see their health data and health updates, Doctor Login to view the Business vertical, and age and function-specific health data and updates.


● Employee Health Card

The app provides a comprehensive picture of the employee's health care for the specified examination and other details, including Vital and Test Parameters.

● Employee OPD Details

Provides a visual representation of the diagnosis, medication, regimen, and referral information, if applicable. Employees and their dependents are also covered.

● Health Trend

Streamlined recording, and reporting of occupational injury to analyze and do an incident inspection.

● Health Notification

A convenient place for keeping employees up to speed on all the latest health news and alerts.

● Affiliated hospital list

The app provides a comprehensive list of associated hospitals to help employees get their health.

● Business Health

It allows company leaders to examine the various health indexes for different verticals and locations.


Occupational Health Software Systems For Easy Management Of Workplace Safety!

OccuCare occupational health software systems is a cloud-based Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) software management platform that may be used to create and implement a thorough safety program. The corporate wellness app gives field workers access to all the resources and information they need to execute their jobs well. OccuCare's occupational health and safety software may be tailored to meet each client's demands regarding workplace safety and regulatory compliance. Users can construct their forms for various purposes, including audits, inspections, and reporting of accidents, near-misses, and other safety issues in the health & Safety management Software. The software improves productivity using a satellite positioning system (GPS), a camera, push alerts, and offline storage.


Cutting-Edge OHS Management Software For Small And Large Businesses!

The equipment's maintenance history, including when and how often they were repaired, may be easily tracked using OccuCare's ohm occupational health software. Managers may schedule meetings, draft agendas, and keep track of employee attendance with OccuCare's OHS management software. Organizations may stay in compliance with the help of administrators who keep track of workers' and contractors' training and certifications and provide timely reminders before they expire with health and safety management system software.


Set New Benchmarks With OccuCare's Employee Health Management Software!

OccuCare's employee health management software might be a valuable tool in your efforts to improve employee health. It might help motivate employees to increase their production. A location for employees to socialize, the staff room may be used for team-building events like parties. OccuCare's workplace health and safety software uses biometric data to educate workers on improving their health and taking better care of their bodies. You may monitor health assessments and biometrics using the platform's pre-made report templates, which will help you learn more about the health of your employees. Imagine you want to educate your employees about preventative health care. If so, we advise you to check out OccuCare's Workplace health app, which has extensive how-to guides on topics like stress management, weight training, and giving up tobacco.


Stay At The Top Of Employee Safety And Health In Human Resource Management.

OccuCare's occupational health and safety system includes gamification, which has been shown to increase and maintain employee safety and health in human resource management. Staff members may use many tools, such as articles and quizzes, to evaluate their knowledge. The health and safety mobile app from OccuCare help staff members maximize their benefits by facilitating communication and access to information on improving their health and well-being. OccuCare's occupational safety software provides all employees instantaneous access to this information in real-time. If members need assistance navigating the benefits system, they may contact OccuCare's dedicated support staff, included in the company's employee Health & wellness software.

Features of Employee Wellness App

● Wellness Index

Individuals can see and track their wellness index

● Trend Tracking

Track how the health parameters are changing over time

● Health Notification

Customized health tips and notifications from doctor


● Health Checkup details

Complete health card with health check-up details.

● Medicine Intake Notification

Medicine intake notification as prescribed by a doctor.

● Video Consultation

Employees can do online video consultation with company doctor through mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. To what end is OHS so vital?

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) aims to provide a safe and healthy workplace by addressing all potential risks. We want to make sure no one is hurt at work.

2. Can you outline the fundamentals of EHSQ?

SHAPE members must abide by the following "Golden Rules" at all times: Avoid putting anybody in danger, including yourself. Use a mutually agreed-upon, risk-free method in your work. Speak out if you see something that might put someone in harm's way. Stop what you're doing if you don't feel safe.

3. Occupational Health and Safety (EHS) software is unnecessary for many businesses.

Businesses of all sizes and across a broad range of sectors may benefit from EHS software by using it to workplace hazards, assess the efficacy of current safety precautions, and eliminate any threats to the smooth running of the business.

4. What Exactly Is a Safety Management System?

A safety management system may be tailored to meet the requirementsof any industry or company. A safety management system is an overarching strategy used by a company to address issues of employee safety at work (SMS).Outlining the company's approach to risk management is a common component of an effective SMS.

5. While choosing a profession, why should one prioritize health and wellness at work?

Among its numerous benefits are increased productivity, morale, work satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, stress, and sick days, and reduced employee turnover. Staff and management alike benefit from this arrangement.

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