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Locate and remove threats, perform an in-depth risk analysis, and automate the critical processes associated with each component. While doing so, assessing each significant risk and implementing appropriate controls is necessary. Keeping an eye on and improving training while ensuring adherence to all applicable rules and regulations is possible with health and safety software. You may save time and money by switching to an integrated training management system instead of using old-fashioned spreadsheets and other manual operations. OccuCare EHS management system has created accessible OHS software that might enhance in-house education and development initiatives.

Gather and analyze all data about participation and attendance at safety meetings using health and safety management software. Allows for easier tracking of safety meeting information, including who attends, what is discussed, and when and where they occur with EHS management software. Risk assessments, hazard identification and management, and other time-consuming but crucial tasks may all be automated with the help of OccuCare's ehs software. Data should be aggregated at a high level to understand the big picture and then dug down at a lower level to get a sense of the details at a smaller scale. As part of this process, you can identify potential threats and implement measures to mitigate them with health & safety software.


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Processes, professionals, and employee behavior are all governed by the law in the context of EHSQ. It takes care of your surroundings, health, safety, and quality so that accidents that lower product quality and medical bills may be avoided. Informed decision-making helps businesses achieve their goals and conform to regulations. OccuCare's occupational health software for EHSQ allows for easier monitoring, management, reporting, and enhancement of any workplace's health and safety culture. A reliable corporate wellness App helps businesses save money and increase productivity. EHSQ employee health software ensures a risk-free workplace, prevents mishaps before they happen, lessens the possibility of injuries, employee health management, and lessens your company's environmental footprint, helping you reach your business objectives.


Get Multiple Features In One Occupational Health Manager Software

Our occupational health manager software helps you get a better return on your investment by reducing hazards and accidents while boosting product creativity, speed to market, regulatory conformity, and customer happiness. Using the EHSQ occupational health software systems to manage risks and events can lessen the likelihood of accidents and the associated costs. Fostering a sense of personal and organizational accountability and responsibility in the workplace will help you get a faster return on your investment and ensure the ongoing enhancement of your accident prevention measures. Occupational health and safety software from OccuCare compiles business information into a unified view of processes and analytics throughout the organization, facilitating better judgment. OccuCare's Health & Safety Management Software is based on the principle that losses of income, reputation, and relationships may be mitigated by taking appropriate regulatory and preventative measures. Constant upgrades are required for future-proofing systems to maintain economic viability.

Mobile App Features

OccuCare Mobile App is simple and has a comprehensive, summary, and graphical interfaces for a better viewing experience. It includes an Employee Login to see their health data and health updates, Doctor Login to view the Business vertical, and age and function-specific health data and updates.


● Employee Health Card

The app provides a comprehensive picture of the employee's health care for the specified examination and other details, including Vital and Test Parameters.

● Employee OPD Details

Provides a visual representation of the diagnosis, medication, regimen, and referral information, if applicable. Employees and their dependents are also covered.

● Health Trend

Streamlined recording, and reporting of occupational injury to analyze and do an incident inspection.

● Health Notification

A convenient place for keeping employees up to speed on all the latest health news and alerts

● Affiliated hospital list

The app provides a comprehensive list of associated hospitals to help employees get their health

● Business Health

It allows company leaders to examine the various health indexes for different verticals and locations.


Manage Workplace Risks And Eliminate Dangers With OccuCare's Health And Safety Management System

In the modern workplace, OccuCare occupational health software is becoming increasingly popular. Businesses realize its potential as a valuable tool for various purposes, from ensuring the safety of their employees to meeting the requirements of various government agencies. When it comes to the health and safety of our workers, we must have access to data; this is precisely where OHS management software comes in handy. Additionally, it provides data on potential hazards, risks, and accidents that may be used to improve our operations and ultimately increase worker safety. A health and safety management system software can help manage training programs by easing the broadcast of information about new regulations and training modules to employees, in addition to documenting events, near misses, injuries, and other safety-related data.


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Keeping up with the proliferation of regulations and rules has been more difficult for companies to do manually in recent years. OccuCare's employee health management software allows you to streamline and expedite your auditing and inspection processes by automating many of the manual steps that were previously involved. With the help of the best workplace health and safety software, businesses can create inspection checklists that include all the crucial details about each site, such as the equipment's state and the safety features availability. As a result, auditors and inspectors may devote more time to the work than searching for relevant data, saving valuable time throughout the audit with employee safety and health in human resource management.


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OccuCare's occupational health and safety System provides your staff with the resources they need to improve their health and well-being. Measurement, feedback, coaching, and rewards are the four pillars of an effective workplace wellness program. Healthcare costs for businesses would be reduced. By allowing the early diagnosis and treatment of wellness concerns in the workplace, a corporate wellness software reduces the prevalence of serious illnesses linked to employees' health. As a result, your company will spend less on insurance and fixing emergencies using the OccuCare Workplace health app. There have to be more specific health and wellness programs.


#1 Employee Health & Wellness Software From OccuCare

OccuCare's health and safety mobile app is helpful since it allows businesses to provide their staff members with the best options for healthy lifestyle packages. Employee Health & wellness software helps you save costs and avoid buying unneeded luxuries. Incorporating occupational safety software into your benefits plan has three main goals: improving employees' decision-making, decreasing total healthcare costs, and controlling chronic diseases via early detection and intervention. Therefore, OccuCare's Employee Safety Software's base features help you achieve these aims.

Features of Employee Wellness App

● Wellness Index

Individuals can see and track their wellness index

● Trend Tracking

Track how the health parameters are changing over time

● Health Notification

Customized health tips and notifications from doctor


● Health Checkup details

Complete health card with health check-up details

● Medicine Intake Notification

Medicine intake notification as prescribed by a doctor

● Video Consultation

Employees can do online video consultation with company doctor through mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes up a Safety management system?

The 'Plan-Do-Check-Act' cycle is the foundation for most safety management systems. Create a strategy to lessen the number of accidents, zero in on what's causing alarm, then arm your workforce with checklists, lessons, and feedback.

2. How serious is it if standards for environmental, health and safety (EHSQ) are not met?

Health and safety risks are often brought up while talking about EHSQ risk management. Various enterprise-wide hazards are included in EHSQ risk management. For further information about EHS dangers, consider the following:The risk associated with complying with regulations: Risk of incurring fines, restitution claims, and other legal consequences for operating illegally. Risk reduction via better planning of changes to process equipment, chemicals, buildings, etc., is the goal of change management

3. Precisely what factors towards the system's success does the Safety module employ?

The goal of any effective safety management system is to ensure the well-being of employees in a way that minimizes the possibility of accidents and injuries on the job while simultaneously giving them the freedom and inspiration to pursue continuous improvement.

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