Occupational Health and Safety Management Software in Spain

Give Employees Access To Their Medical Information Across The Company With Our EHS Management System

By automating operations, cloud-based OccuCare health and safety software helps firms boost employee safety. The EHS management system eliminates laborious compliance paperwork and reduces corporate risk exposures. Assign user roles to each individual, defining their level-based access privileges and permissions to the system's modules. It offers a high degree of data integrity. The OccuCare EHS software detects and informs upper management of potential dangers. In addition, it appoints an investigator to the event and constantly oversees its status. Evaluate risk, record and report risks, and assign remedial actions. To maintain compliance, health and safety management software offers registers for hazardous substances, manual jobs, plants, and contractors. Choose the system type that best meets the requirements of your organization. The OccuCare employee health software has its benefits and features.

Training guarantees individuals the necessary competence, skills, and knowledge to perform their assigned jobs. It strives to achieve legal compliance standards crucial to employees' Health and Safety. Organizations may monitor and manage events from beginning to end using OccuCare EHS management software. This encompasses everything from incident creation and assignment to issue resolution. OccuCare workplace safety software often includes incident workflow, routing, and escalation. Major organizations in Spain use our employee safety software like Granada, San Sebastian, Malaga, Barcelona, Toledo, Sevilla, Salamanca, and Bilbao. Incident tracking systems are specially developed to monitor occurrences. Nonetheless, occupational health software is valuable for organizations that want a mechanism to monitor problems but only sometimes require a full-fledged incident management system.


OccuCare Incident Management Software Balances Technology And Personal Care To Keep Employees Healthy And Productive.

Audits need to be planned internally and externally, and the frequency has to be determined depending on the level of risk the firm poses and any applicable regulatory obligations. From audit planning and scheduling to documenting findings and initiating investigations and CAPAs where required, OccuCare's occupational health manager software automates the entire audit workflow. Quality and safety leaders may build up annual or quarterly calendar views that allow all stakeholders to be notified of upcoming audits and prepare appropriately. Moreover, our occupational health software systems allow them to choose between simplified, challenging, and sophisticated audits.


OccuCare Empowers Organizations In Spain To Protect, Maintain And Promote The Well-Being Of Workers.

The software provides access to papers and results of previous audits, allowing you to identify failure patterns and elevate audit replies to either NC or CAPA for continuous improvement. Because of health & Safety management Software, companies can see improvements in performance and customer happiness, which may lead to an increase in revenue. Planning audits around each of these and determining the frequency based on the gaps and business risks is made simpler with OccuCare's occupational health software. Integration with OccuCare's Training Management System ensures that only competent staff are deployed depending on the standard set, enhancing compliance with standards.

Mobile App Features

OccuCare Mobile App is simple and has a comprehensive, summary, and graphical interfaces for a better viewing experience. It includes an Employee Login to see their health data and health updates, Doctor Login to view the Business vertical, and age and function-specific health data and updates.


● Employee Health Card

The app provides a comprehensive picture of the employee's health care for the specified examination and other details, including Vital and Test Parameters.

● Employee OPD Details

Provides a visual representation of the diagnosis, medication, regimen, and referral information, if applicable. Employees and their dependents are also covered.

● Health Trend

Streamlined recording, and reporting of occupational injury to analyze and do an incident inspection.

● Health Notification

A convenient place for keeping employees up to speed on all the latest health news and alerts

● Affiliated hospital list

The app provides a comprehensive list of associated hospitals to help employees get their health

● Business Health

It allows company leaders to examine the various health indexes for different verticals and locations.


Reduce Risks And Stop Events And Near Misses Before They Happen Using Ohs Management Software From OccuCare

The OccuCare ohs management software becomes a treasure mine of information about your organization's primary indicators of Safety. You can reduce risks and stop events and near misses before they happen using built-in analytics, predictive intelligence, dashboards, and employee wellness App. With OccuCare's health and safety management system software, you may save costs associated with employee pay, boost morale and productivity, promote brand recognition, and ensure regulatory compliance. Our health and safety management system software is adaptable, scalable, and customizable to meet your company's requirements. Enable staff throughout your company to submit safe and dangerous behaviors or circumstances for quick reaction and risk reduction using an easy-to-use, centralized site with customized analytics and data visualization in employee health management software adapted to your requirements.


Stay At The Top Of Employee Safety And Health In Human Resource Management With OccuCare

By fostering a culture of employee safety and health in human resource management, OccuCare's occupational health and safety system is intended to support and promote a comprehensive approach to employee wellness. Providing OccuCare's health and safety mobile app, which goes beyond specific wellness programs, cultivates healthy behaviors across employee populations and improves health outcomes, all while improving productivity, optimizing human resource investments, and enhancing employee engagement. Participation from employees is essential to the development of a healthy safety culture throughout the whole organization. With the help of our user-friendly and streamlined workplace health and safety software, which can be accessed from mobile devices and desktop computers, workers can quickly and easily submit observations while on the move, from anywhere, and at any time.


Completely Tailored Employee Health & Wellness Software In Spain

Many chronic illnesses are avoidable, and integrating a holistic approach to OccuCare's occupational safety software effectively educates workers on the value of developing healthy habits and the advantages of maintaining wellness objectives. Employers are shifting away from a one-size-fits-all wellness program towards OccuCare Employee Health & wellness software personalized to the individual. Employers are searching for goods and services that operate from this common mindset to assist their workers toward wellness. Corporate well-being solutions are one. Building a business case for your corporate wellness product takes a lot of work.


Invest In A Leading Employee Safety Software From OccuCare For Employee Well-Being And Safety

Workers spend significant time at work and establishing a correlation between wellness objectives and work-life balance is essential for delivering business results. The basis of your company must include a corporate wellness program from OccuCare. Employee Safety Software integrated into the organization's culture is necessary for a successful corporate wellness program to be built. Employee wellness programs should offer corporate wellness apps that should adapt continuously to satisfy the requirements of workers aiming to accomplish their wellness goals, therefore complementing the business's objectives. Having healthier staff reduces growing healthcare expenditures, so boosting your bottom line.

Features of Employee Wellness App

● Wellness Index

Individuals can see and track their wellness index

● Trend Tracking

Track how the health parameters are changing over time

● Health Notification

Customized health tips and notifications from doctor


● Health Checkup details

Complete health card with health check-up details

● Medicine Intake Notification

Medicine intake notification as prescribed by a doctor

● Video Consultation

Employees can do online video consultation with company doctor through mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of mobile capabilities does this software possess?

For customers who need to record data in the field when Wi-Fi is unavailable, an offline-capable mobile application is a need. Any mobile operating system, such as iOS or Android, should be able to run the app.

2. How simple is reporting?

You should be able to generate appropriately structured reports in minutes utilizing real-time data and appropriate software. If you need to develop bespoke reports for water, waste, air, or GHG emissions permit requirements, you should inquire whether the software offers a data warehouse capability.

3. Is the system self-configurable, without needing to go back to the vendor?

Avoid a solution that needs much modification since developing and extracting data from the system will take time. A better approach is to seek self-configurable software that allows you to adjust dashboards, regulate rights for individual users and groups, and generate endless custom reports without contacting the vendor.

4. Is it comprehensive and scalable? Can I begin with Safety and add environmental management later?

Some providers require that you implement the whole software on day one. This might deplete your resources and overburden your staff. Instead, search for software that can be implemented in modules, allowing you to start small and expand as needed.

5. Can this system interface with our other technologies, such as Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS) and our ERP system?

This is a crucial issue to ask if you need to import or export EHS data to other systems. You should also inquire if the seller can import data from your spreadsheets or an existing database.

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