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Establish clear instructions, evaluate and enhance the working environment, train staff to act appropriately, and make all information accessible where it is required. Use OccuCare OHM occupational health software, an occupational health software solution approved as acceptable for management systems as defined by ISO 45001, to complete all of this quickly and effectively. Risk analysis is made simple and understandable with OccuCare OHS management software.

You can discover dangers, perform risk analysis, and pick the appropriate safety precautions from an intuitive user interface in the health and safety management system software. Automated features make workflow easier and hasten the completion of the document. Access standard federal, state, provincial, and municipal reports auto-populated with data collected by OccuCare employee health management software and required by relevant regulatory agencies and worker's compensation boards following occupational accidents and illnesses.


Stay managed and informed with our Occupational Health and Safety system.

Our occupational health and safety software simplifies employee medical data, enabling a more proactive and risk-aware approach to occupational health management. To continuously improve your employee safety and health in human resource management, you may standardize data collection, simplify the management of health-related activities, and centralize occupational health data with OccuCare's Occupational Health and Safety system. You may use OccuCare to centralize, standardize, and streamline the management of employee health data across numerous locations and nations.

OccuCare occupational safety software to automate repetitive tasks

Access an employee's medical history in one place, providing a single source of truth to help you make better business decisions. Integrate case management, medical, and safety data in the OccuCare health and safety mobile app workplace health app to reduce duplication of effort, enhance communications, and guarantee data quality. Clear safety instructions are essential for educating employees about workplace dangers and safe behavior. Producing and maintaining these documents is quick and easy using OccuCare occupational safety software. Our program will automatically build the finished paper in a standardized format when you input your instructions and photographs.


Mobile App Features

OccuCare Mobile App is simple and has a comprehensive, summary, and graphical interfaces for a better viewing experience.It includes an Employee Login to see their health data and health updates, Doctor Login to view the Business vertical, and age and function-specific health data and updates.


● Employee Health Card

The app provides a comprehensive picture of the employee's health care for the specified examination and other details, including Vital and Test Parameters.

● Employee OPD Details

Provides a visual representation of the diagnosis, medication, regimen, and referral information, if applicable. Employees and their dependents are also covered.

● Health Trend

Streamlined recording, and reporting of occupational injury to analyze and do an incident inspection.

● Health Notification

A convenient place for keeping employees up to speed on all the latest health news and alerts

● Affiliated hospital list

The app provides a comprehensive list of associated hospitals to help employees get their health

● Business Health

It allows company leaders to examine the various health indexes for different verticals and locations.


Automate your occupational health using our Employee Health & wellness software

With OccuCare Employee Health & wellness software, training big teams and maintaining their current knowledge is superficial. You can see all the crucial details: Who requires new credentials? When do those credentials become obsolete? When is the next training session scheduled? Using these insights, you may confidently and quickly arrange the training calendar for your business. Utilize Employee Safety Software to create a precise picture of health and well-being in your organization.

World’s leading health and safety management software in Uzbekistan

You can quickly and easily visualize important indicators and priority actions to improve clinic utilization, encourage accountability, and direct decisions that support better employee health outcomes with tailored medical dashboards. Our health and safety management software is integrated into your safety procedures. A modular framework in the EHS management system makes designing unique workflows and processes more accessible and automates tedious operations. It may need to overcome each obstacle posed by safety procedures and data needs.


Stay at the top of health and safety in Uzbekistan with our OccuCare occupational health manager software.

Determine your workforce's issues and injury risks using our health & safety software. OHM, a comprehensive set of tools in OccuCare to lower workplace injuries and manage compliance, may help you manage the occupational health requirements of your staff. Occupational health software systems save you time and money by streamlining clinic procedures and combining occupational health and safety data into a single system. Keep track of which employees need to take specific tests and when those tests are due. Our occupational health manager software ensures hassle-free management as it has separate modules to handle every aspect of your occupational health at sites.

The leading health & Safety Management Software in Uzbekistan

Ensure that all employees have access to information on compliance rates and changed job responsibilities. Automate data gathering and reporting so employees can focus more on their core responsibilities for employee health management and employee wellness App. Our all-inclusive health & Safety management Software streamlines the way you manage the health risks to your employees, put medical surveillance initiatives in place, maximize clinic efficiency, watch over and help sick and injured workers get better, and manage regulatory requirements — all while fostering a culture of safety and driving operational excellence.


Features of Employee Wellness App

● Wellness Index

Individuals can see and track their wellness index

● Trend Tracking

Track how the health parameters are changing over time

● Health Notification

Customized health tips and notifications from doctor

● Health Checkup details

Complete health card with health check-up details

● Medicine Intake Notification

Medicine intake notification as prescribed by a doctor

● Video Consultation

Employees can do online video consultation with company doctor through mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH) was enacted to reduce deaths and injuries in the workplace. Employers are required by law to provide workers with a safe working environment.

A violation of OSHA occurs when a corporation or employee knowingly or inadvertently disregards actual or prospective safety dangers. A violation does not always need the occurrence of an event; it may alternatively be confirmed via the OSHA inspection method.

EHS is an abbreviation for Environment, Health, and Safety. The "E" of EHS refers to environmental protection requirements within compliance.

Employees may determine that the program delivers little benefits and that the incentive is unwarranted. They might infer that the programs lack credibility owing to their lack of management and general character. Employees may experience anxiety while exposing information that might harm their careers.

EHS software is a kind of technology that provides businesses with a digital platform that incorporates all their safety management goals into a unified system. This is accomplished by saving each and every piece of information in a digital format. This platform may be accessed over the internet. EHS management software is used extensively in the manufacturing business, in addition to the construction industry, the energy industry, the mining industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the utility industry.

The abbreviation EHS stands for "environment, health, and safety," whereas the abbreviation HSE refers to "health, safety, and environment." The most crucial distinction is that environmental, health, and safety (EHS) concerns more problems, including occupational safety and exposure to dangerous chemicals. Issues relating to health and safety are HSE's primary area of concentration.