Commit Complete Occupational Health and Safety to your Workforce with OccuCare’s OHS Software in South Korea!

Manage your Entire Safety Programs from OccuCare mobile apps and be an Exemplary employer in South Korea!

South Korea has notable economic development from an undeveloped nation to a developed within a few generations. Industrial growth has been a major contributor to this evolution and industries like shipbuilding, textiles, automobiles, electronics are reshaping the future of South Korea. According to recent news, the South Korean government has passed a new safety law entitled as Serious Accident Penalty Act (colloquially known as SAPA). This leads to revisiting and altering Occupational health and safety regulations across industries. OccuCare, a pioneer name in the OHS software industry, has grabbed this opportunity to launch its product range in the ‘Land of Morning Calm’. Our products ranging from OHS Software to corporate wellness app provide an effective and tailor-made solution for achieving the desired level of workplace safety and safeguarding employees by tracking their health parameters.

Empower your management to be proactive to address the problem areas using powerful tools in-built into our health and safety software, mitigate the risks involved, control the damage, and take preventive actions by making proper planning for a better future. Boost your operational efficiencies by developing a risk-based OHS management system that every user can follow and will let you maintain due diligence throughout your operational journey. Efficient reporting and documentation will help the South Korean industries spread across cities like Ulsan, Pohang, and Gwangyang to develop a compliance-proof Occupational health and safety system for their workforce and business. Improve your safety compliance and culture in South Korea with OccuCare!


Make the right business decisions about Occupational Health and Safety with OccuCare’s OHS Software!

As workplace safety continues to evolve, the burden of over-complication still haunts several industries in South Korea. Get rid of the load and ensure your employee health and safety with OccuCare’s Occupational health and safety software! Achieve optimized workplace safety by managing the risks associated with every element of your operations. Minimize employee behavior-related incidents, identify the gaps in your existing programs, locate the areas of improvement, and customize the procedures exactly as per your business needs. Let our cloud-integration data storage help you achieve the desired rapid data access and recovery as well.


All your Compliance-proof documentation under one roof OccuCare's Safety Management Systems!

Our built-in workflow, integrated with role-based access, will ensure the appropriate approval levels and sign-offs. Never put your workforce at risk by delaying in reporting incidents and hazards. With our occupational mobile app, make the reporting easy, even straight from the field on their phone. Centralization of data will help your managerial staff in compliance-proof auditing with easy upload of audit documentation, assigning follow-up actions, and easy monitoring of the progress towards your audit recommendations. Join hands with OccuCare and let’s work together to create the right safety solution tailored for your business in South Korea!

Mobile App Features

OccuCare Mobile App is simple and has a comprehensive, summary, and graphical interfaces for a better viewing experience. It includes an Employee Login to see their health data and health updates, Doctor Login to view the Business vertical, and age and function-specific health data and updates.


● Employee Health Card

The app provides a comprehensive picture of the employee's health care for the specified examination and other details, including Vital and Test Parameters.

● Health Trend

Streamlined recording, and reporting of occupational injury to analyze and do an incident inspection.

● Affiliated hospital list

The app provides a comprehensive list of associated hospitals to help employees get their health.

● Employee OPD Details

Provides a visual representation of the diagnosis, medication, regimen, and referral information, if applicable. Employees and their dependents are also covered.

● Health Notification

A convenient place for keeping employees up to speed on all the latest health news and alerts.

● Business Health

It allows company leaders to examine the various health indexes for different verticals and locations.


Say Goodbyes to Fragmented Safety Systems with OccuCare’s Pioneered Safety Management Systems in South Korea!

Frustrated with the flaws of the fragmented safety system and looking for an alternative? Visit us for all-in-one Safety management systems where you can have proper incident management, permit management, medical surveillance, tracking of employee information, and clinical visits. Define the rules and practices to avoid incidents and encourage your employees to follow them for better workplace safety. Save your time and improve efficiency by automating most of the business processes with professionally crafted software products that work with any device, including offline with native iOS and android apps. Create, manage, and maintain upload-ready forms that can be exported to various file formats to streamline incident management.


Elevate Safety Standards and Educate your Employees for Better Workplace Safety!

Let our enriched risk assessment software help you create a safer workplace for your workforce, tackle any safety requirements, turn the data into intelligence, automate it and elevate your safety standards. Apart from workplace safety, safeguard your employees by providing a digital diary for maintaining their health records. Record data for clinical visits, illness, lab tests, medicine, and others to reduce absenteeism, boost employee morale, and apparently improve business efficiency. Educate your employees never to miss a healthy routine so that they have better productivity at the workplace and a healthy personal life too!


Improve Performance and Sustainability with OccuCare’s EHSQ Software!

Implementing EHSQ software in office premises has become a necessity rather than a luxury in today’s highly volatile world. Let our enterprise-level software help you to improve performance and sustainability with continuous monitoring, identifying the risk, elevating the employee’s morale by following safety standards, and many more. South Korean industries located in different cities like Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Incheon can go beyond the conventional approach and adopt a modernized approach for maintaining Environmental Health Safety and Quality at workplaces. Empower your teams with the tools that will make the safety compliance process easy by identifying the loopholes in your safety processes, rectifying them, and completing the action management. Automate the major business processes to eliminate the flaws due to human interventions and have a detailed track of everything regarding EHSQ at your fingertips. Let OccuCare’s risk assessment software be your travel partner in this journey of risk assessment and management so that together we can have higher ratings on comparable and accurate performance metrics.

Features of Employee Wellness App

● Wellness Index

Individuals can see and track their wellness index.

● Trend Tracking

Track how the health parameters are changing over time.

● Health Notification

Customized health tips and notifications from doctor.


● Health Checkup details

Complete health card with health check-up details.

● Medicine Intake Notification

Medicine intake notification as prescribed by a doctor.

● Video Consultation

Employees can do online video consultation with company doctor through mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How OccuCare’s OHS Software can help in improving productivity?

OccuCare mostly focuses on identifying the risk areas, mitigating the risks, and making an impactful plan for zero or minimal damage. This can result in achieving better workplace safety, and reducing incidents, mishaps, and injuries at the workplace. Also, maintaining employee health records helps to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity in the workplace.

2. Can employee wellness app be operated in low-bandwidth regions?

Yes, OccuCare designs all its products including the employee wellness app such that it gets optimized with the internet bandwidth and users can accomplish the routine. This is highly important in fields with low network coverage.

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