Clinical Visits

Apart from Regular examination check-ups, day to day illness and injury can be treated with clinical visit. This module helps in Managing past history, current clinic visits detail including, visit reason, compliant, diagnosis, prescription, requested clinical tests, test results, visit location, practitioner and date. It retrieves all the information about the employee and keeps track of complaints. Retrieved complaint and diagnosis data helps in prescribing medicine related to illness which Generate prescription to print or update directly to pharmacy for dispense. This module is directly linked to Stock module and Pharmacy module.


Employee can be referred to other hospitals if needed. Referral functionality track details like where/to whom the employee was referred. Print / email a referral form with all of the details regarding the appointment.

Occucare’s clinical visit facility has been designed to extend this service to employee’s dependent. One’s clinical visit in case of Accident or injury directly updates data to Incident management modules.

Clinical visit module is provided with Unique functionality (like Prescription favourite, Service favourite, direct issue, disease prescription) to speed up the process.

OccuCare’s Unique Paperless reporting facility generates quick and accurate report important to you in different formats including Chart formats, tabular formats, Summary view, Detail report and Age group report. Reports included with this module are :

  • Contractor wise Case Report
  • Case list with medicine
  • Contractor wise case cost Report
  • Disease wise case Report
  • Medicine Consumption date and employee wise
  • Monthly case Summary
  • Cost Analysis Reports
  • Accident Analysis
  • Accident Log
  • Accident and case Report

Value Added Features And Benefits:

  • Simplified data entry and single screen update
  • In detail Accident report with list, summary and chart format helps in finding out root cause problem which eliminate reoccurrences such mishaps in future.
  • Complain Box is filled with all major symptoms to choose from
  • Disease box is available with almost all major disease list with disease master to enter new data if needed
  • Fully loaded with various Action button for in detail and easy diagnosis
  • Prescription, stock and Pharmacy module flow is automated
  • With Print Rx not in store medicine can be Printed in prescription form
  • Filters provided to make easy search
  • Also generates up to date cost and medicine related report with/without contractor detail