CSR and Wellness Program

To reduce health care costs and increase value, a growing number of organizations are empowering their employees to take charge of their health through wellness programs. Wellness Program can be practiced as part of creating wellness culture in an organization. This would be beneficial both from employer’s view as well as employee’s view.


As it may aids in the reduction of sickness/absence rates and their related costs by early detecting risk areas and such Health Surveillance program also allows employees to feel more secure in their environment and delivers a feeling of increased worth which can lead to increased productivity. With Occucare’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) Program one can extend its health services to society which increases sense of high quality standard, values and trust among society which is much more than just financial benefits.

Value Added Features And Benefits:

  • Linked with wellness set-up and CSR set-up Improve efficiency and speed up work pattern
  • Simplified data entry and automation features for maximum efficiency and accuracy
  • Color indicator ensure accurate and efficient data entry
  • Various Action button like View, History, Visit helps in diagnosis
  • Track and maintain medical history of all employee
  • Increases feeling of Positive Work environment and trust amongst employee and society.