Data Analysis

Occucare’s data analysis and reporting tool helps to run report quickly and provide accurate information important to you in different formats including Chart formats, tabular formats, Summary view, Detail report and Age group report. OccuCare's unique reporting flexibility not only provides visibility from corporate level but all the way down through your hierarchical structure, with multiple perspectives. – examine data by :

  • Division
  • Business Unit
  • Locations
  • Risk Area
  • Business Function

Apart from generating detail and precise report according to pre- set report criteria Occucare’s Data analysis tool provides various analysis tools to analyze data with multiple parameter and perspective.

Occucare’s powerful reporting ensures the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time.

Occucare’s data analysis and reporting module aids your business by proactively identifying employee health risks before they can impact upon the organization.

Value Added Features And Benefits:

  • In detail Accurate, quick and precise report
  • Reports are available in different formats like summary, detail, chart and tubular format
  • Executive reporting capabilities highlight risk areas, identify new opportunities to reduce risk and evaluate effectiveness of existing health programs
  • Simple, clear user interface to enhance data capture and increase response rates.
  • Report data can be exported in to multiple formats to support your off-line reporting requirements.
  • Provides drill down facility to navigate to detail
  • Improved access to historical records for all relevant personnel
  • Saves storage space and costs
  • Improved security controls