First Aid

First aid is basic and most essential requirement for industry. Regular inspection of all first aid boxes with required number of first aid items and minimum stock in all first aid boxes is mandatory.

Occucare’s first aid issue provides facility to transfer stock to first aid boxes. Occucare provides the facility to transfer stock to different first aid kit at various locations.


With Occucare’s First Aid employee functionality department wise first aid register can be maintained for employee who consumes from first aid boxes.Further with First Aid inspection feature inspection can be easily carried out and it maintains the first aid register.

Occucare’s Unique Paperless reporting facility generates quick and accurate report important to you in different formats. Occucare’s powerful reporting ensures the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time. Occucare record and generate in detail report for each and every transaction for first aid and first aid register which nullify the chances of any theft or loss which makes you feel more secure and relaxed.

Value Added Features And Benefits:

  • Maintains data for each and every transaction regarding first aid
  • First aid employee tracks employee wise register for material consumed from first aid box
  • With first aid inspection, first aid register data can be cross checked
  • Interlink with stock module readily updates data automatically
  • Maintain and generate quick and accurate report for each and every transaction