Incident Management

Occucare’s Incident management module Provide robust incident management tools for workplace related injury and illness, which do manage regulatory compliance to legal & other requirements. The goal is to document all incidents, analyzing causes and effects, indentifying areas of concern or weakness and taking remedial action to reduce such risks in future. With Occucare you’ll be able to identify and respond to at-risk activities more quickly which helps in reduction of frequency and severity of such incidents and reduce related costs.


Occucare’s incident management module Maintain a detailed and accurate incident register separate for both Accident with injury and Accident without injury. Occucare’s unique design pattern allows you to gather all necessary information including detail of injured and witness. By providing vital information about all major and minor mishaps. Occucare creates proactive risk management culture which not only increases employee motivation, trust and confidence but also decreases lost time and its associated costs, claims and insurance premiums.

Occucare’s contribution in Occupational safety just not limited to investigation, analysis, and documentation of occupational incidents and injury but it provide constant monitoring of injured’s health and track data with Incident log and follow ups which fulfills the need of complete Health and Safety software.

Occucare’s Unique Paperless reporting facility generates quick and accurate report important to you in different formats including Chart formats, tabular formats, Summary view, Detail report and Age group report. Intuitive reports are displayed in an easy-to-interpret format, ensuring you can quickly identify risk areas and take positive and preventative action. Occucare generate quick, Accurate and detailed accident report in different formats. Occucare also comes with inbuilt Accident and injury form format which completely fit from the legal point of view.

Value Added Features And Benefits:

  • Proactive investigation tools to quickly identify and address at-risk behaviors and situations
  • Conduct and record regular workplace Accidents and Injury
  • Simplified data entry saves time
  • Follow ups constantly monitor injured’s health
  • Inbuilt Accident and injury form to address the compliance
  • Detail and Accurate report of accident for route cause analysis which helps in preventing reoccurrence of such incident in future
  • Simplified end-to-end information-sharing, from recording investigation details, to analyzing root causes