Pulmonary Function

Certain occupations, because of the nature of their location, work, and environment are at major risk for occupational lung diseases. Amongst many asbestosis, pneumoconiosis, silicosis, byssinosis and occupational asthma are the most common occupational lung disease. Systematic and complete study which provides reliable data of one’s pulmonary profile can be implemented over a regular time interval to reduce the chances of meeting an occupation lung disease by early detecting symptoms at primary level.


Occucare’s Pulmonary Function Testing Module efficiently track and record all employee’s pulmonary test function data. It automatically calculate predicted value based on define standard and Review system generates interpretations (i.e.: normal spirometry, restrictive lung disease, obstructed lung disease and mix lung disease), based on LFT results and the pulmonary standard defined for the system. With Occucare’s unique comparative study tool data of previous such examinations can be compared in graphical format and one’s health progression over a time can be studied to track any down fall.

Occucare’s Unique Paperless reporting facility generates quick and accurate report important to you in different formats. Intuitive reports are displayed in an easy-to-interpret format, ensuring you can quickly identify risk areas and take positive and preventative action. Occucare generates quick, accurate and detailed Pulmonary report to track work locations, department and employee with Lung disease so additional preventive action can be taken to minimize the chances of Occupation lung disease which may be helpful to both employee and employer.

Value Added Features And Benefits:

  • Track and analyze pulmonary function test data
  • Automatically calculate predicated value based on define standard
  • Review system generates interpretations based on calculation
  • Data can be directly updated from diagnosis module too
  • Generates in-detail and accurate pulmonary report which further includes LFT details and lung functionality report
  • Track the employee’s smoking and exposure history
  • With Comparative study tool, data of previous examination can be compared
  • Beneficial both for employee and employer view