Stock & Procurement

OccuCare’s stock and procurement is a part of material management module which is integrated with pharmacy and other module to enable complete inventory life cycle.

Occucare’s Procurement management deal with in detail purchase order generation, approval, Goods receipt and Goods return. Various transactions like Stock issue in different department, Stock transfer in other store location and stock adjustment in case of any damage or expiry is accurately handle by stock management.


Other security features like Stock enquiry and Stock take cycle make sure that not a single item goes missing without valid reason. As all sub modules are inter linked to each other data of all transaction gets automatically balanced with central stock inventory.

Facilities like maximum, minimum reorder point and safety stock ensure that you don’t run out of important stock when needed the most.

OccuCare’s Unique Paperless reporting facility generates quick and accurate report important to you in different formats. Occucare’s powerful reporting ensures the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time. OccuCare record and generate in detail report for each and every transaction which nullify the chances of any theft or loss which makes you feel more secure and relaxed.

Value Added Features And Benefits:

  • Maintained from central inventory to individual store location.
  • All sub modules are inter linked, central stock gets automatically updated with its WAC and total Cost.
  • Simplified data entry and automation features for maximum efficiency and accuracy.
  • Update bulk facility for large data saves time.
  • Stock take cycle and Stock adjustment to captures unwanted loss.
  • Quick and Accurate report record and generate each and every transaction in detail.
  • Available with various request flow and approval to follow transaction as part of company’s norms.