OccuCare vaccination module is a complete set for tracking and managing vaccine logs. The vaccine management module provides the facility to include various vaccines. It allows users to define the periodic cyclicity of a vaccine i.e., frequency of the medicine/vaccine. Users can also select the number of doses required to complete a single immunization process accordingly. OccuCare also maintains the immunization logs for compliance and record keeping. Generate the due date of the next vaccination based on the periodic cyclicity.. OccuCare also maintains an employee wise track to determine the usage and the last date of vaccination for each vaccine.


The immunization process is combined with the OPD as a clinical entry in OccuCare. Hence in OccuCare, no separate module is required for vaccine inventory management. So all the tasks related to the vaccine details such as the code, name, batch, expiry and other details can be managed with main inventory itself. This reduces the complexity of multiple modules for the same purpose and make the system sophisticated and robust.

Report for vaccination log and due date is available for pre-planning the vaccination appointment. This will enable the OHC team to access the due date for a vaccination with ease. All this makes the process efficient and smooth.

Value Added Features And Benefits:

  • Linked with OPD for vaccine distribution Improve efficiency and speed up work pattern.
  • Simplified data entry and automation features for maximum efficiency and accuracy.
  • Track and maintain the vaccination history of all employees.
  • Filters provided to make easy search.
  • Easy data tracking.