International labor organization (ILO) has periodically published guidelines on how to classify chest X-rays for pneumoconiosis. The purpose of the Classification was to describe and codify radiographic abnormalities of the pneumoconiosis in a simple, systematic, and reproducible manner, aiding international comparisons of data, epidemiology, screening and surveillance, clinical purposes, and medical research. Occucare’s X-Ray ILO exactly fits to international regulatory compliance as it comes with all standard parameters and symbols to match international standard.


For instance Occucare’s X-Ray ILO uses grade 1,2,3,4 and other “obligatory" symbols (like ax, bu, cq, cn, co etc) representing important features related to dust diseases of the lungs and other etiologies. X-Ray ILO also records important data like Lung zone detail, pulmonary parenchymal abnormalities, large opacities, chest wall (cw diffuse and cw plaques), diaphragm, Costo angles, pleural calcification and other necessary information with defined symbols to match international standards.

Occucare archives detail recording and present same in report format in just one click with Occucare’s instant report generating facility.

Value Added Features And Benefits:

  • Exactly fits to international regulatory standard.
  • Parameters and symbol used according to ILO guideline which aid in international comparison of data.
  • Single screen data entry and drop down saves time and maintain accuracy.
  • With upload file functionality data can be uploaded in system
  • Instant report can be generated in single click whenever needed