Larsen & Toubro Limited is one of India's largest and most well-known private corporations. L&T offers unrivaled capabilities across Technology, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing, and retains leadership in all of its primary lines of business, almost 80 years of a strong, customer-focused strategy and a never-ending search for world-class quality. The Hazira campus produce extra-large and very heavy equipment for power projects, chemical, refinery, petrochemical, and fertilizer sectors, which may be shipped abroad by waterways.The Modular Production Facility (MFF) at Hazira, one of the largest of its kind in South Asia, can produce many large modules at once and has a fabrication capacity of 50,000 MT per year.

In addition to India, the Company's manufacturing network spans eight nations. L&T has a global supply network and multiple overseas offices.



The Problem

Handling health and safety data manually was tough for our organization. There was no tracking system where we could keep track of our health and safety information. Any type of work permit in the system was difficult to maintain. It was difficult to communicate to the safety team in our organization if we observed an unsafe act. There are many health data with us, and we need to know how to Maintain and analyze it. It was extremely difficult for us to determine the core cause of any incident that occurred unexpectedly in our organization. Analyzing the cause and taking action in response to it was extremely challenging for us.



Occucare health software was implemented by sapphire for the solution to this problem. Occucare software allows us to keep track of incidents, search for the root cause of incidents, and investigate any incident that is reportable. If any harmful acts are observed in our organization, we can record them in our software. In our health and safety module, we can keep track of all harmful acts. From the occucare safety module, we can analyse all of the causes of the occurrence and take appropriate action. All actions related to the work permit, as well as its status, can be recorded in the software.


Work Permit

A work permit, also known as a safe work permit, is a document that specifies what is to be done, the potential hazards, and the precautions to be taken. It ensures that employees are aware of potential hazards and take appropriate precautions before beginning their task.


Medical Survillence

The total number of employee examinations planned, the total number of employees examined, and the total number of employees absolute pending are all displayed on the Examination dashboard.


Health Connect

A simple way for health, fitness, and well being apps to communicate data.


Incident Analysis

An incident Inspection report is a method for noting any accident it may or may not have resulted in personal injury or property damage. It is used to document work-related injuries and accidents, near-misses, property and equipment damage, health and safety concerns, security problems, and misconduct.



Provides a complete image of the company, its functions, and the results of the age-based health study. We can acquire an overall examination dashboard as well as a disease-by-disease data count.



The purpose of Observation is to determine which operations employees complete correctly and safely, as well as to observe any highly hazardous actions.


The use of software has allowed HSE team to save time from manual paper work. It simplifies the process of providing a work permit and keep track of the same. When employees reports, any unsafe act, any risky act in the organization may be tracked, will also be auto escalated to higher authorities in case they are not responded to in the specified timelines. With the 8D incident analysis model, determining the root cause of an incident is simple. All this lead to reduced number of incidents. And with recording, managing and analysing of health records it reduced sickness absenteeism, as medical team was able to take proactive care of employees’ health & wellness. All of the information can be displayed in a report format. This is what sparked new modifications in the L&T’s journey to digitize health & safety process.


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