MG Motors



In India, MG Motor India has one production factory, which is located in Halol, Gujarat. MG has joined the Indian under the leadership of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, the world's seventh largest vehicle company and the Fortune 500's 36th largest firm. MG is now fully operational in India, having opened its first manufacturing site in Halol, Gujarat, in September 2017. MG Motors have access to some of the top technology in the world due to their parent company, SAIC, which allows them to actively develop energy vehicles and components. Their goal is to make a healthy, emission-free living a reality in the future.


The Problem

MG Motor is a well-known firm that have large number of employee. It is their major responsibility to keep track of employees' health and records. The system from their end was to have one secure locker for the protection of all the papers in order to keep track of employee Examination and OPD records for audit purpose. The document's protection necessitates the presence of a security guard. If a hazardous incident occurs in their organization, all of the manually entered data will get destroyed, and we are unable to keep track of employee examinations. Sheets that are manually maintained will be destroyed. We will have to spend additional money to hire a security guard for the locker. It was tough for us to have a separate room for security reasons.




We have implemented occucare software to provide solution to these problems. As a result, the organization can now manage and track the employees health data in a very easy and efficient way. Occucare has provided fast and secured paperwork process in the organisation. Report generation has become very easy for the doctors.



The screen allows you to provide permissions to specific roles. Data from the role's permissions can be displayed. This screen allows you to control the security of your data.



This screen allows you to manage your employees' details. From this screen, they can complete all of their initial personal and job details.


Health Data Record

This screen can store all of the information from the periodic medical examination. It is possible to obtain examination reports.



All audit-related visit tracks and audit-related questions can be generated. Audit-related documents can be saved here.



This screen can be used to manage numerous types of expenses. Medicines, ambulances, and a variety of pricing data can all be generated.


Health Analysis

An employee examination can be used to create a health index. Employees' overall percentages and recommendations can be calculated based on their health.


We can keep track of records digitally with the help of software. Data availability will be for 24*7. We can access data anytime from anywhere. With the usage of software, all of the security standards are met. As result to this their is no use of security guard and their is cost saving too. All audit-related data can be stored in the software. The data's security is ensured. We can manage different logins and their permissions based on their roles. The software may generate any kind of compliance report as well as medicine-related reports. We can have real time data reporting. All the external expenses for room locker and security guard can be managed. Audit-related documents can be kept. The Audit process and progress can be tracked at any time. With this simple way we can Have a sensitive data with us and can be accessed at any location.


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