EHS Management

What is an EHS Management System?

Environment, health, and safety management is a catch-all phrase that refers to the process of enhancing a business's EHS performance. EHS management is implementing policies and procedures to guarantee and enhance the safety of employees and their surroundings. A strong health and safety system like Occucare can help you save money on injury claims, enhance your company's safety culture, and allow educated health and safety decision-making for a more efficient and successful operation. It is adaptable and modular, allowing companies to install just the functionality they need. It interacts with current business systems to ensure that EHS and operations run smoothly.

What are EHS Software Requirements?

EHS software begins by centrally storing all of your data, tasks, papers, and permits.. You may even take it a step further by using mobile devices to collect some data directly from the source.
The program then aggregates all of this data into sophisticated dashboards, providing a real-time view of your company's performance that you can share with required-to-know personnel.
Apart from gathering and maintaining data, the software may automate administrative activities such as sending alerts and notifications, tracking assigned tasks, initiating corrective or preventative measures, and producing reports.

After you've completed these tasks, you can devote your time to more worthwhile endeavors. Built-in intelligence enables you to get a deeper understanding of trends and performance, enabling you to make bold choices.


EHS Software Simplifies Health and Safety Management

● Management of Incidents

An integral component of any EHS system, incident management allows you to quickly and remotely report events and near-misses, align teams with acting on key performance indicators, investigate the root cause, and take remedial and preventative action based on actionable insights – all in one go.

● Management of Permits Management of Permits

This EHS module enables real-time tracking and monitoring of all safe work processes and working environments for employees and contractors. With a digital PTW program, you can manage the process more effectively and transparently, from issuing permits to obtaining authorizations to starting work activities.

● Management of Safety Audits

Safety Auditing Software is a crucial component of any environmental, health, and safety (EHS) process. It enables you to examine and evaluate any non-compliant workplace procedures. You can schedule inspections automatically, allow mobile audits, and build customizable forms and checklists.

● Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)

Risk management and hazard identification are critical aspects of EHS. With automated hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA) software, you may identify hazards earlier, get a better understanding of dangers, and plan out control measures to create a more sustainable work environment.

What are the Benefits of EHS software?

Adopting EHS management software provides many advantages that are not restricted by the size or industry in which your company works.

● Multi location

Locate, access, and save all of your EHS data in one location.

● Within the organization, there is transparency.

By being linked throughout all health & safety procedures, you can foster cooperation.

● Streamlining EHS operations

Align your whole organization around a standardized workflow process.

● To take action on data analytics

To analyze data and analytics to improve health and safety standards.

● Reduced manual activity time

Processes that are completely automated eliminate many labor-intensive tasks.

● Increased safety precautions

Enhance employee morale by removing hazardous job practices, behaviors, and risks

● Adoption is made simpler

Less training is needed to handle a easy user interface intuitively.

● Maintaining Compliance

instead of penalties we focus on digitizing the process.

● Trust and Engagement

EHS software enhances your organization's health & safety culture by giving a comprehensive picture.


● Periodic Health Check Up

Track and Manage your employees' Health during their job tenures with your organization. Also eases compliance for you.

● Incident Analysis

Apart from recording, you can do a detailed root cause analysis and prevent same accidents happening in future

● Work Permit

create, process and validate all types of work permits and get et enhanced visibility of all workflows, access permits from multiple devices, extend approvals on the go and scale to any number of work sites or users

● Observation

Recognize and communicate any potential issues to the safety of employees so that they can be resolved from the rising

● Data Analysis

analysis and reporting tool helps to run report quickly and provide accurate information important to you in different formats


Allows to powerful risk management solution that helps you to identify, analyze & control Hazards and mitigate risk.

● Employee Information

exactly fits to international regulatory compliance as it comes with all standard parameters and symbols to match international standard

● Asset Management

aids in management of company's valuable asset - high value vehicles, machinery, PPE, medical device and medical testing instrument

● Regulatory Compliance

provides complete real-time visibility of activity and compliance across organization, and delivers valuable information to you at the click of a button, helping you save time and money