EHS Software

What is Employee Health Software?

Companies often use employee health software to assist their doctors in meeting physical health objectives for their employees and workers. Businesses may seek out employee health software to promote a healthy culture and, as a result, lower the cost of healthcare coverage and indirect costs like sickness absenteeism and others.

Employee health management software is generally used by big companies that operate their on-site clinics. Industry leaders utilize our corporate employee health software in financial services, oil, and gas, pharmaceuticals, construction sites to offer comprehensive occupational health, primary and urgent care, chronic disease management, and health and wellness services.
Our employee health management software fulfilled all of our requirements. OccuCare empowers organizations to promote the well-being of workers and ensure organizational compliance to guarantee that everything is done correctly is a significant advantage for us.

What is the Importance of Employee Safety and Health in Human Resource Management?

Work and the workplace create a greater impact on individual health. If the workplace is safe, employees feel safe and involved in their work. Organizations make every effort to safeguard workers from danger. Despite this, occupational accidents continue to occur. Businesses establish and implement safety rules, including restricting access to hazardous work locations. While workers in safer locations, such as office buildings, face fewer risks, human resource managers still design safety measures tailored to such situations.

Physical injuries are not the only danger to workers’ safety; workplace stress is a significant hazard to employee well-being. When workers submit claims for stress-related injuries, human resource managers must look at a variety of variables. On the other hand, workers must demonstrate that work is the main source of their excessive worry.


Benefits of Employee Health Management Software

An employee health management software has various tools that enable you to keep track of and analyze all of your data. With automated reminders, on-time reporting, and ease of use, OccuCare offers the most reliable and affordable health management solution. Each user at your business will find it easy to use health management software.

The physical and mental advantages of a healthy lifestyle are reason enough to examine the extent to which an employee’s well-being may affect the company favorably or adversely. It is critical to prioritize your health at work, and it is to ensure that you are an efficient worker who also enjoys a feeling of personal fulfillment. It is accomplished through taking care of oneself.
When workers work for themselves or do not feel supported by their employer, there is a higher likelihood that their physical health may suffer. If employees are not physically well, they may be unable to function at their optimum level daily. They are investing in your workers' health benefits for both parties. It is because the business values employee health, and it is to ensure that everyone has an easier time producing high-quality work.

Features of OccuCare Employee Health Software

OccuCare health management software can be customized to handle the heavy lifting, allowing you to simplify everyday operations and concentrate on other critical duties. You may need specialized software to increase compliance, efficiency, and production.

Significant characteristics include the following

● Employee Portal

Employees can see and print their medical records, track their health status, OPD visits, and schedule visits with their doctors using their login credentials.

● Mobile App

Both employees and doctors can use the OccuCare mobile app to track records, fill forms, and schedule appointment on the go.

● Automated Reminders

OccuCare helps employees keep track of their health records as they get automated reminders about their appointments, health status, medicine intake, and much more.

● Reporting

OccuCare equips organizations and employees with on-time reports to help them track real-time data and stay updated with potential health issues.

● First Aid

With OccuCare’s, organizations can maintain a department-wise register to track employees who consume from first aid boxes.

● Maintain vaccination logs

OccuCare maintains the immunization logs, automatically generates and sends reminders of the due date of the next vaccination based on the regular cyclicity.

Employees Health Software Modules

● Medical Surveillance

Track and manage your employees' Health during their job tenures with your organization. Also eases compliance for you.

● Clinical Visits/OPD

Record data from simple clinical encounters for employees with illnesses and Order lab tests, prescribe medications & define further courses if required.

● Health Index Calculation

Allows the leaders to calculate and accomplish the organizational health goals, required to sustain long-term performance.

● Incident Logs

Streamlined recording, and reporting of occupational injury to analyze and do an incident inspection

● Lifestyle Disease Tracking

Allows to track the employees who are suffering from Lifestyle diseases and monitor their health frequently.

● Regulatory Compliance

Provides complete real-time visibility of activity and compliance across organization, and delivers valuable information to you at the click of a button, helping you save time and money

● Hearing Conservation

Enables occupational health professionals to track employee audiometric testing details and results.

● Stock & Procurement

Facilities like maximum, minimum reorder point and safety stock ensure that you don’t run out of important stock when needed the most.

● Pharmacy

Integrated with Stock, Procurement and clinical module to dispense drug as per prescription.