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What is Employee Wellness Software?

Employee wellness initiatives assist workers in remaining fit, healthy, and sustaining good behaviors. Corporate wellness platforms are a collection of software tools and eLearning materials that assist administrators in organizing, managing, and implementing corporate wellness initiatives. They often interact with or are incorporated in benefits administration software, human resource management platforms, or human capital management suites.

Employee wellness software enables administrators to develop a wellness program from the ground up, incorporating components such as a fitness tracker, learning modules and evaluations, nutrition advice, and participation incentives. Additionally, they contain reporting capabilities that enable administrators to assess the effectiveness of their wellness initiatives. Most contemporary corporate wellness solutions include a mobile application and white labeling to make them as simple and convenient to use as feasible for workers.

What is the Importance of Employee Health & Wellness Software?

From increased productivity to reduced sick absence, employee health and wellness software provide many employee advantages from the outset. These efforts improve your workers' emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing and improve productivity and general health and wellness.


Employee Wellness App for Businesses

Employee wellness apps offer self-help resources, but they also serve as a unique platform/Speakers' Corner for staff members to make their views known in a secure environment. One of the advantages of the employee wellness platform is sending out wellbeing surveys in which employees may anonymously answer questions about their workload and health. The business gets feedback, which allows for meaningful improvements that benefit both mental health and productivity.

The Employee Wellness App not only provides insight into your employees' current mental health status but also enables them to take charge of their lives. It enables you as an employer to take action to make your business a wonderful place to work. Because, ultimately, a business is only as good as its workers.

Employees Health Software Modules

● Periodic Heath Check Up

Track and Manage your employees' Health during their job tenures with your organization. Also eases compliance for you

● Consultation

Record data from simple clinical encounters for employees with illnesses and Order lab tests, prescribe medications & define further courses if required.

● Wellness Index Calculation

Allows the leaders to calculate and accomplish the organizational health goals, required to sustain long-term performance.

● LSD Tracking

Allows to track the employees who are suffering from Lifestyle diseases and monitor their health frequently

● Define Self Goals

Allows employees to define self-goals like steps/distance walked, water drinking, calorie goals etc. and track the achievement of their goals on regular basis.

● Registration of Employees

Register employees for the wellness programs conducted by employers and also allow employees to self register

● Before & After Status

Allows to check the effect of the wellness campaign run by the employers and benefits which employees got

● Counselling

Allows doctors to do counselling of the employees based on their health data and suggest them methods to become or stay fit

● Customized Tips

Allows doctors to send customized health tips and notifications to the employees and workers via SMS, Email, and Mobile app notification.