EHS Software

Why a Modern Health & Safety Software is Needed?

Organizations are accountable for the safety of their employees, sites, and the working environment. Organizations also have to take care of regulatory compliances and time-consuming legacy health and safety management system software is not enough to carry all your EHS needs in one place.
Occucare is designed to make EHS management hassle-free with tools and technologies that help organizations easily track, identify, manage, and report on health and safety issues at the workplace.
Implementing the Occucare system gives your organization a road map to control and eliminate incidents and workplace hazards while effectively increasing overall productivity.

How OccuCare Helps Organizations?

With innovation at its core, Occucare health and safety reporting software is designed to transform how safety is managed in the workplace. The 360º view of all work activities helps you predict and mitigate risk at the workplace, ensuring sustainability and operational excellence. All these while improving the wellness of employees and worker.

  • Greater Employee Engagement
  • Data Transparency & Access
  • Track & Eliminate Incidents
  • Bring Speed & Efficiency to Safety Processes
  • Boost Employee morale
  • Audit Safety Standards
  • Ease of managing regulatory compliances
  • Identify and manage risks

Health & Safety Software Modules

Occucare’s Health & Safety module offers the best reinforcement for health and safety in your company. Conform with your legal commitments as a manager or employee, therefore limiting your obligation.

● Medical Surveillance

Track and Manage your employees' Health during their job tenures with your organization. Also eases compliance for you.

● Clinical Visits

Record data from simple clinical encounters for employees with illnesses, order lab tests, prescribe medications & define further courses if required.

● Incident Management

Streamlined recording, and reporting of occupational injury to analyze and do an incident inspection.

● Employee Info

Capture all the essential data of employees to manage their health and safety quickly.

● CSR and Wellness Program

Define programs intended to improve and promote the health and fitness of employees and nearby villages.

● Permit Management

Improve your efficiency in allotting your work permits and ensure safe work conditions.

● Observation

Recognize and communicate any potential issues to the safety of employees so that they can be resolved from the rising.


Prompt access reference to Hazard Statements with control actions and reference checks.

● Health Index

Allows the leaders to calculate and accomplish the organizational health goals, required to sustain long-term performance

Factors that make Occucare the right EHS software


Occucare easy to use and it seamlessly blends into your organization’s processes creating custom workflows and seamlessly automates repetitive tasks. What makes Occucare superior to others is its potential to meet every unique challenge of your safety processes and data requirements. Another salient feature of this health and safety software is that you can integrate the software with existing ERP systems.


With Occucare, bid farewell to your legacy health & safety software with limited resources that are insufficient to meet your evolving demand. Occucare grows with your organization and enables you to maximize featured resources as per your needs.

No-hidden charges

Most organizations using health and safety management software solutions make unnecessary hidden payments and for the features, you don’t need or use. The pay-for-use module of Occucare makes sure you pay exactly for what you are using with no hidden cost.


With Occucare, you no longer need to be at your desk for taking action or preparing a report. You can investigate, report, inspect, and take action anywhere using a mobile device and even work offline. With several standard templates, you can quickly setup up and run this online health and safety management system in much less time. Call us right away and book a free demo if you are all set to streamline your organization’s safety processes.