OHS Software

Why Choose OHS for your Workplace?

OHS( occupational health and safety) is very important for a business to grow. Additionally, it is required by law to ensure that workers are informed of all safety precautions.

Employers need to make sure that their employees are working in a safe environment. If the workplace is not safe, there will be problems and absenteeism, which will cost the business a lot of money. Other expenses that the firm will incur include a loss of trained labor, decreased production, and a loss of corporate reputation.
If a company wants to avoid paying these additional costs, it should prioritize occupational health and safety software like OccuCare to ensure the well-being of its employees. Designed by health and risk experts, OccuCare offers a comprehensive range of functionality to assist with occupational health and safety management at the workplace.

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OHS Software

OccuCare OHS software works in conjunction with health and safety modules to assist companies in tracking and managing employee care programs and mitigating workplace sickness and injury. OccuCare enhances follow-up and visibility of issues and trends by helping users conduct thorough and integrated evaluations and monitoring workplace exposures and employee care.


Occupational Health Management Software's Benefits

  • Increase data accuracy by integrating and standardizing data input for medical, case management, and injury and sickness.
  • Reduce absenteeism, sickness, and worker's compensation claims by using root cause analysis and corrective measures.
  • Plan and send out automated email reminders for staff clinic appointments.
  • Improve employee health through complete evaluations and follow-up
  • Increase the visibility of worker care through comprehensive reporting and actionable insights.
  • Make industrial hygiene, ergonomics, and other evaluations and monitoring easier to perform.
  • Increase productivity with centralized record-keeping tailored to occupational health teams.
  • Ensure that staff training, recognition, and medical surveillance requirements are met.

Occupational Health Software Features

  • Collaborate with occupational health and safety, medical, and workers' compensation teams to monitor cases and keep the program visible.
  • Perform root-cause analyses on injury and illness events to prevent recurrences.
  • Carry out mobile assessments of industrial hygiene issues such as hazardous chemicals, indoor air quality, noise, and infectious disease, among others.
  • Extension modules for pandemic risk management
  • HIPPA compliance is ensured through confidential monitoring and separate user access restrictions.
  • Manage the inventories of personal protective equipment and the replenishment requirements for specific locations.
  • Promote cross-functional collaboration (Legal, Human Resources, Operations, and so on) to advance occupational health and safety and medical care.
  • Training & Development for Employees

Working Towards a More Healthful and Safe Workplace via the Implementation of Occupational Health Management Systems

Collaboration between occupational health and safety and medical teams is essential for employee protection, compliance with OHS laws, and health and safety initiatives. A frequent source of irritation for medical and occupational health and safety professionals is working in silos, which results in additional time spent repeating and exchanging information. Managing employee health at industrial plants via a medical clinic offers a unique set of operational requirements, difficulties, and compliance requirements for occupational health teams to collaborate.

User-friendly OHS Software that Caters to All your Needs

When companies consolidate their processes, activities, and performance to match corporate objectives, they can enhance employee wellness, boost compliance, and substantially decrease time spent exchanging documents and information. With OccuCare metrics and data mining, organizations can enhance responsibility and establish higher standards for the Occupational Health and Safety and Medical teams, and eventually for the whole company.

● Health Surveillance

Track and Manage your employees' Health during their job tenures with your organization. Also eases compliance for you.

● Consultation

Record data from simple clinical encounters for employees with illnesses and Order lab tests, prescribe medications & define further courses if required.

● Wellness Index Calculation

Allows the leaders to calculate and accomplish the organizational health goals, required to sustain long-term performance.

● Observation

Recognize and communicate any potential issues to the safety of employees so that they can be resolved from the rising

● Incident Analysis

Apart from recording, you can do a detailed root cause analysis and prevent the same accidents from happening in the future.


Allows to a powerful risk management solution that helps you to identify, analyze & control Hazards and mitigate risk

● Audit Management

Plan, schedule, perform and publish safety audit reports across your organization at ease

● Xray ILO

Exactly fits international regulatory compliance as it comes with all standard parameters and symbols to match the international standard

● First Aid

Helps with Regular inspection of all first aid boxes with the required number of first aid items and minimum stock in all first aid boxes