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Current Scenario & Future Strategy of India for Corona

Current Scenario & Future Strategy of India for Corona

Current Scenario and Future Strategy of India for Corona

Current Corona Scenario in India

As of today, India has over 380,000 cases and it’s growing at around 13,000 a day which means India is 3rd largest in terms of daily increases and fourth-largest both in terms of total cases and daily deaths. Many people in India look at these statistics and ask themselves the question are we losing the fight against the virus?

It’s very early to state anything in the battle and so we have to take the long view even under the most optimistic of scenarios. We are going to be fighting this pandemic until probably the middle of next year and it’s hard for anybody to see anything much earlier than that. We have a long time to calibrate our response. Not to worry so much about whether we are losing or winning. It is a time to have an action plan to go through this entire pandemic in a way that minimizes loss of life, minimizes harm to the economy.

India has over 380,000 cases the government insists repeatedly that we are not in community transmission. In fact, the truth is the government has gone one step further. Community transmission is a simple term. At any given moment in any city or village or town diseases transmitted from somebody else living in that community.

One should focus on a national and local strategy to tail it. We should focus on the number of undetected infections that must lie behind this figure. The death figure is an assumption because even in the most advanced countries surveillance for deaths is not perfect and so with India too. The peak could be well into November or maybe even later depending on what policy changes are made. But in any condition put a set of questions about the statistics that the government alone can do it? There is no evidence that India has a milder strain or a deadlier strain. There is no evidence regarding more natural immunity to Indians have. It’s often said that the fact that the BCG vaccine is given on a compulsory basis in India has given India a level of immunity that other countries don’t. Coronavirus so far there is no evidence that the BCG vaccine is protective. so far but let’s dig into it a bit more there is evidence that BCG vaccines can be what we call immunomodulatory meaning that with some respiratory viruses people who’ve gotten a BCG vaccine sometimes do appear to have milder forms of the disease

What Indian strategy should be for Corona?

India is one of the most advantaged in its incredible capacity on various issues so it has a great technology industry. In house production of facilities needed and become ATMANIRBHAR.

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