Why organization need a good employee health management system.

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Why organization need a good employee health management system.

In today’s competitive world, almost all organizations are demanding to be more productive day by day, which can be achieved by having mentally and physically healthy employees. Employees are an important asset to any organization as a company invest so many resources in them and in return expect a good performance. A healthy environment creates a positive atmosphere for the workforce through which something big can be achieved as a team. Employees and their dependents health record is the most important record to be maintained by any
company to analyze the overall health of the workforce in the company, due to a large workforce in an organization
sometimes it’s become hard to keep the record on paper.

Doctors manage the medical surveillance and they have to record employee vital details, OHC visits, periodic
examination results, wellness programs are being conducted. Beyond this, collecting data is not enough, they have to analyze the data and generate a various report to take further actions. Communicating employee to send respective reports through phone or email consumes time. Would it not be easier if a case report of an employee was sent automatically from the system?

The modern problems require modern solutions. Imagine, how great it will be if you don’t have to use a single paper to maintain or enter the details of an employee’s, i.e., going digital by implementing an employee health
management system in a company. An employee health management system “OccuCare” has simplified this for all
types of industries whether it is small, medium, or large companies.

An employee health management system (OccuCare) is in high demand nowadays as employers are founding it very
interesting when it comes to maintaining their employees and their dependent’s health records.

Industries that have their occupational health units can use an employee health management system that will save a lot of time.

OPD is carried out on daily basis at Occupational health centre, have you ever wondered how much it would be
exciting if you can enter the vital details, diagnosis details, prescription, test prescription and can make a referral to any other hospital through an employee health management system which doesn’t require a single paper.

An employee Health management system is a revolution in ensuring employees health and safety, it lessens staff
efforts and saves time and according to the workflow of OHC, the system is easily configurable. Organization’s needs are taken into consideration and the system is configured accordingly. OccuCare is a complete employee health
management system with advance data analysis and smart tools which help doctors to review employee’s health
card report very easily. Medical reports and all other important reports can be generated in the system. It helps
organizations to deliver the best employee wellness, care, and efficiency at a reduced cost.

There are not many software who are just focused on employee health management, still you can check what are
the key features provided by an ideal employee health management system.

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