Why do your medical officers require a Medical mobile app?

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Medical Mobile Apps have significant potential to change healthcare and make it more connected, personalized, and thus efficient Embracing the opportunities of the Internet of Things, healthcare professionals get more useful insights into what is happening to the patients and work out the support based on real-time or meaningfully collected and analyzed data. It will contribute to better healthcare assistance, help to identify dangerous conditions of patients and make medicine more responsive, and cost-effective.
To be prosperous for doctors, any healthcare mobile app needs to maintain a fair balance between meaningfulness and ease of use. The most reliable way to achieve this is to carefully plan out the functionality and make sure it only contains the most necessary features for doctors.
In OccuCare mobile app, we have collected the features a doctor would need daily and executed them in a user-friendly interface. Below, we have discussed the details of features and how exactly they can assist in the medical officers’ work.

Business-wise Health Analysis

This feature allows all upper-level management to analyze the health index of the employees across all verticals and locations. Helps to make informed business decisions and planning wellness programs for business verticals or locations.

Function-wise Health Analysis

It gives age group wise health summary. It helps to analyze the age group-wise employee health. It gives insight for which age group to focus on better health.

Management Information System

Gives a consolidated view for business, function and, age-wise health analysis. MIS is a system which ensures the relevant data is collected from different sources and sent them to all the department of a hospital as their requirements.

Health Indicator

It gives a consolidated view of business, function & location wise health analysis. It indicated percentage of employees who are healthy or are at risk at a particular location of a company of the selected business vertical for the selected business division’s selected.

Employee search

Doctors can search employees individually by simply entering their employee id or unique id of the employee. And analyze their periodic medical examination data and they can provide feedback to the employees if needed.

Examination Summary

Gives Examination dashboard information for total employees froze, total Employees Examined, and total employees absolute pending. Employees who are pending for examination are being informed through an email or SMS is sent to their mobile.

Medical apps for doctors let the occupational health unit’s healthcare experts provide high-quality care to their employees. When including most valuable features and giving great user-experience, a medical app for doctors becomes a simple yet powerful tool to support the daily work of both experienced and aspiring doctors.

To take a look at such Healthcare mobile application, you can check OccuCare Mobile app.

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