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The Anatomy of a Great Employee Health Software

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More than half of the people in our country are at risk of contracting one of the diseases at some point in their lives. In present era, a company’s employees must be fit and healthy in order for it to succeed. The health of your staff is the most important element in influencing workplace productivity. A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being is defined as health.

It is important for us to have something innovative with new technology that can track employee health and provide notifications to them regarding their health in order to have employees good health. Creating a work culture that encourages employees to be healthy in all aspects of their lives provides a number of health benefits. They can be fit, healthy, satisfied, and joyful. It is critical to place a strong emphasis on employee health and well-being. It has a significant impact on total employee satisfaction in the company.

What should be the anatomy to have a Great Employee health Software?

• Build an application that encourages employees to make healthier choices by interacting with them on a routine basis, making healthy food choices easier, and involving their parents or family. Employee health software should assist in receiving health-related notifications. We may calculate several health parameters such as our BMI, respiratory system, and many more. Our health will improve as a result of this.

• In a great employee health software, there should be a Lifestyle Disease tracking system that can help us to understand the disease and prevent health complications. Employees should receive health tips based on Life style disease tracking. For Life Style diseases, a graphical representation of data should be likely to help in disease analysis. For example:- If a person has diabetes, there should be diabetic-related tips available to employees.

• It is important for effective employee health management software to bridge the gap between the doctor and the employee. A good health software program should keep track of harmful behaviours, which is commonly done in organizations. We can have one wellness program in our company based on that habit tracking. We can encourage our employees to change their negative habits and build new good ones. Software that works well Provides knowledge on issues such as nutrition, exercise, quitting smoking, stress management through mindfulness and meditation, and other healthy living topics. For example, there should be a health connect program that allows us to get exercise and nutrition data in audio and video format.

• In good health software on the basis of persons disease tracked we can plan a Daily healthy diet for a person. Their meal can be planned on day to day basis. Diet consultation Should be present in the good software. Basic and detailed planning should be done for the employee.

• Any good health software should maintain track of employee health safety as “prevention is better than cure.” Any organization’s unsafe act should be recorded in the health and safety section. For example, if a person observes that masks are required in the workplace and any employee fails to comply, we can record their name in the employee health software and take appropriate action by higher authorities.

• Employee sickness reports, employee compliance reports, and employee personal detail reports are all examples of reports that a good health software should be able to provide. Various reports will assist employees in understanding their health systems and if any diseases are discovered, working to cure them.

You can check software like Occucare which supports all the mentioned points and can be proven as the best occupational health management software with additional features. Occucare supports all the points which make the health software a great occupational health manager software.

Some major functionality of software which makes it best are:-

• Simple analytics and reporting. With a single click, you can get all the information you need.

• Using the Occucare platform, Consultation can be done online or offline mode of employees.

• Management of stock and inventories. Using a single dashboard, keep track of your inventories.

• Online booking platform is available.

• For Employees, Examination planning can be done, and we can inform employees for their future examination.

• Software may help employees to Know their disease-related data and their prescriptions related to the disease.

In this way, Occucare can prove that it is the best software for keeping track of employee information. It might be a great employee health program that allows doctors and employees to communicate with one another.

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