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To What Extent Occupational Health Software Saves Time of Medical Officers?

To What Extent Occupational Health Software Saves Time of Medical Officers?

What extent digitization of occupational health is required to save time

Medical officers in Occupational Health Centers have a lot of responsibility on them, especially keeping close observation of employees’ health as it’s an important factor in overall productivity for any organization. It’s not an easy task for a medical officer to manage and track the medical examination data of all employees in an organization without using health management software.

Health management software can speed up the medical surveillance process in an organization as data can be uploaded into the system in very less time. There is no need to maintain medical data on papers when the whole process can be recorded in the software, which saves precious time of our respected doctors.

It is very difficult to manage all the functions of an Occupational Health Center. But fortunately, the work has been made easier with the use of OccuCare health management software. All praise goes to the Information Technology sector that has revolutionized the medical industry for the betterment. OccuCare health management software is a web-based software that is used to manage the function and all the operations of Occupational Health Centers and saves time for Medical officers. This software can be used for health management or surveillance of employees working in an organization.

The main goal of the software is to make the whole operation in the OHC digitized. The software has the functionality to integrate with medical equipment present in the Occupational Health Centers so that time can be saved for doctors or paramedic staff as they don’t have to manually upload the test results in the system, integrating medical equipment sends test results to the software. An occupational health management software proves to be of great use to Medical officers in Occupational Health Centers as it saves a lot of time since the software automates most of the operations at OHC without any server issue. All the operations at OHC i.e., medical examination, OPD, Medicine stock update, etc. are speeded up with the help of OccuCare health management software.

Since the software automates all the operations at Occupational Health Centers so there is no problem with the system slow down. All the operations including employee management, OPD, Medical surveillance, counselling, inventory management are speeded up which saves time for medical officers and can be managed very easily with the help of Occupational health management software. This is one of the reasons why health management software is necessary for medical officers at OHC to save their precious time.

Health management software has an essential feature is that it’s free of errors, it can perform all the operations with utmost accuracy and with minimum manpower which again saves a lot of time for medical officers. Doctors or Medical officers can easily access to employee’s medical examination data without any delay, they don’t have to rely on a hardcopy of test results as every test results of the employee will already be present in the system.

As the functionality and user interface of health management software are improved in all possible ways, everything is being managed with great precision. It saves the precious time of all the software users and provides them with the latest information. There are many features in Health management software that save time for medical officers working at Occupational Health Centers like planning the medical examination of employees and sending them alerts through the software itself on their email id or on phone. Medical examination results of an employee can be analyzed with the help of graphs, reports which save a lot of time for the medical officer that he doesn’t have to go on different screens in software every test result of an employee will be available on a single screen, report. Medicine stock planning can also be done through the software like a maximum inventory, reorder stock, reorder quantity, safety stock of particular medicine, this saves a lot of time as the software automatically inform doctors or users about medicine availability and when to order the particular medicine and in what quantity.

The most important feature of occupational health management software is the OPD screen from which medical officers can enter the vital details like visit purpose, blood group, blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, temperature, pulse, the complaint of an employee and add remarks if any. The disease can be entered from which employee is suffering, medicine prescription can be given, if any laboratory test is to be prescribed then it can also be done. If the employee is transferred to any other multispecialty hospital then he or she can be transferred and their details can be entered into the OPD screen of the software, this saves a lot of time for medical officers as they do not have to enter the OPD data manually in the register. Medical officers will be entering the data in software which will be stored safely and can be referred anytime, anywhere with the help of health management software.

Medical officers have a very hectic schedule and they should consider using OccuCare health management software which saves their precious time.

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