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The Hazards of New Technology and The Need for Occupational Health Software

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The Hazards of New Technology and The Need for Occupational Health Software

The Internet has made us all connected, with the help of smart technologies it is easier to complete every work with more comfort and in less time. Nowadays, everything is getting digital whether it is the health care industry or any other industry. The new technologies in health care industries are remarkable and very useful, these technologies are in high demand because digitization is what the organizations are looking for.

Health technologies evolve continually, but now there is a phenomenon towards a streamlined approach which cut costs and make the entire health management software more efficient from registration of OPD to Medical surveillance.

These new technologies are certainly working to decrease morbidity and mortality but certain things need to be considered outside of the myriad benefits provided to patients and professionals alike. The main reason for concern with anything that software is digital and something can go wrong and it often does. OHC staff can mishandled or make mistakes if they are not trained to use these new technologies, understand the data outputs correctly. The safety and security of all the employees in an organization are of utmost importance as they are the ones who are ultimately going to provide good productivity and make their organization the best in the market. Fortunately, OccuCare health management software can be utilized to protect workers and manage their data.

Software training for Employees (As a priority)

Just as factory workers need to train about their job profile, health workers also need to get trained about how to use health management software. Nowadays health management software is very sensitive in terms of data security which is a big problem for every organization. Medical examination data of employees are to be kept very secret for any organization, and if it’s been mishandled by any health staff, then the organization is responsible for it.

Providing training to health care workers will strengthen software security and module wise permission can be a good solution for data security.

The need for occupational health management software

Employee details can be entered into the system whether they are permanent employees or contract workers i.e employees details like basic details, job, family, employment history can be managed from the software itself. Apart from this OPD module is a very major thing in the software as it lets doctors perform digital OPD by entering employee disease, prescribing medicine, prescribing tests, referring to any other hospital for some reason, update life style disease of a particular employee.The safety module helps manage the data of an accident that occurred in the company by capturing the details like accident date, time nature of the injury, etc.

Medical examination of employees is necessary for every organization and in context with it health management software has a module which captures medical examination data of employees. According to examination data, health score can also be generated which helps doctors to analyse the health data of their company. It also provides medical counselling to employees those in need. medical counselling provided to employees are also getting an email which states diagnosis and remark given by doctors, it helps employees to improve their health by referring the doctors advice.Well-being and health of employees is the top priority for any organization, Occucare health management software helps manage the same. Details of any health event can be entered in the software.

Medicine which is used in OHC is streamlined in every manner, the very first process is the registration of medicine, lab chemicals, or medical instruments in the system. after registration their quantity and cost can be updated. This enables doctors to prescribe the medicine from OPD as medicine that are registered and quantity and cost are updated will reflect in the prescription section.

A very important module which is MIS, it enables doctors and upper management level to analyse the health data of the whole organisation.

Maintaining Compliance report

All types of report and report format are available in Occucare health management software so doctors need not worry about any type of compliance report.

There are numerous reports regarding the medical examination of employees which can be submitted to the government and also helpful in analysing the medical data of employees in a single place.

Occupational health management software is progressing continuously as per the requirement of occupational health units. Huge demand for Occucare health management software is proof that organization are strongly convinced to use health management software. It helps them in every aspect whether it is managing employee details, Medicine stock, OPD records, Biomedical waste records, Employee reimbursements records. canteen and pantry management, Lifestyle disease tracking of employees, Document management, and much more functionality can also be managed from the software.

As health technology is emerging every single day, hazards are also increasing which is to be controlled by implementing tight security in the health management software.

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